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ojy Contents 

i 1 


"There is no 
conflict between the 

best in 
education and the 
best in Christian 

faith. " 
~ Bertha Munro 



PeopCe of Action* I 

Seniors, Fatuity, Staff, and Underclassmen /| 

Varsity Athletics 

Tali, Winter, am Spring Teams 

Syecial Interests PafF s 

Cims, Organizations, Music Groups, Lie. |Q /~ 

Events and Fun Pa9e 

SociaC Life Activities on Campus "| ^ 

r-: sm 




Dedicated to... 

etfi. WoCtermire 

It is such a pleasure to be writing the dedication for Beth Walter- 
mire. She is an incredible woman of God who has made a tremendous 
impact on my life. 

As I look back on my years as a student, I have so many great 
images and memories of talks with Mrs. Waltermire. I first met her my 
sophomore year when I started working on campus. Checks used to 
have to be picked up in her office, and I always looked forward to those 
times. She learned my name quickly, and we would have little chats 
each time I came to visit. My sophomore year was a very hard year, and 
she was so encouraging and compassionate. She asked questions and of- 
fered many kind words. Seeing her bright smile 
always made my days seem better. Over the next four years she would 
continue to grow in importance in my life. 

After graduation I sent her a card and a picture of the Senior 
Class to say thanks for the impact she had on my life and the lives of my 
classmates. She hung the picture up, and it's still there today. I bet she 
can remember a good percentage of my classmates' names, even though 
it has been almost four years since we graduated! Now, I have the joy of 
seeing her as a colleague, and she is just as sweet and kind as I knew her 
to be when I was a student. 

- Melissa Lowell 

"Mrs. Waltermire is the sweetest 
lady I've ever met. She is always 
eager to help with a smile and is a 
wonderfully charasmatic 
addition to the Eastern 
Nazarene College community." 
~ Nicole Fatchaline (08) 






Ai pl p ations 

Pliesiobrf - Jordan Vance 
GRaptoin - Michelle Ledder 
Social Ll\jt - Daniel Brooks 
^loUiniSi/Lation - MeCissa Leman 
^iwawCes - Rebecca Welch 


The Class of 2007 

Dear Senior Class, 

Can you believe that it is fi- 
nally here? Graduation has come so 
quickly! I know that in the last four 
years as a class, there have been 
memories that will last a lifetime. 
Friendships have been made 
that will last 
forever, and ENC will 
hold a special place 
in all of our hearts. It 
seems life has been 
coming at us so quick- 
ly, and now we real- 
ize that we are go- 
ing to be heading out 
into the real world. 
While this might 
seem scary to some 
people, to me it is 
exciting. I know 
that every single 
person from our class 
will make change 
in this world. The 
future is in our hands, 
and that is comforting 
to know. If this world 
has a hope, it is us. We 
will bring light to this 

Many times we see 
graduation as a time to be- 
come scared or upset, but see our 
graduation as a benediction. We 
have received the information that 
we need to make change; we have 
thought about it, worked through 
it, and made logical conclusions 
on how we define success. On 
graduation day, we are be- 

ing sent out to affect the world, 
to stand and account for the 
knowledge we have gained. As the 
graduating class of 2007, I know we 
are up to this task. 

I thank you all for trusting me 
enough to serve 
as your president 
this year, and I 
also thank you 
all for providing 
me with the best 
two years of my 
life. I can't wait 
to hear all of the 
things this class 
will accomplish 
in the years to 

In the words 
of Mahatma 
Gandhi - "Be 
the change you 
want to see in 
the world." 

Jordan Vance 
- Senior Class 

iit 1 * 


Th S&ioi Class ok 2007 


Meiody Joy Anderson 

English & Communication Arts Major 

Theater Productions. Campus Camera, Indoor 
Soccer. 404 

I aspire to do what I love. 

Giaudia Cabrera 

Psychology and Sociology Major: Religion Minor 

Chapel Worship Team, Restoration Ministries, Col- 
lege Age Ministries, Small Groups 

I aspire to do God's work and touch people across 
the globe! 

Lifian .ylrteaga 

Psychology and Sociology Major: 
Communication Arts Minor 

Students for Social Justice 

1 plan to go to graduate school for psychology. I'm 
not sure where m\ future will lead me. but 1 know 
that God will lead and guide me. "The best things 
in life are unseen, that's why we close our eyes 
when we kiss, en and dream." 

c [!endy Catarino 

Psychology Major 

Post-Abortion Syndrome Groups, Hosanna Light- 
house Ministries, Whiz Kids. Consider This, Psi 
Chi, Phi Delta, Alpha Sigma Lambda 

I value Jesus and friends and family to share my 
laughter and tears with. 

Danief Joseph Buggtin 

Computer Science Major 

Nautilus Yearbook. Nease Library, Computer Lab 
User Consultant 

I plan to move back to New Jersey and start a 
career in computer programming. I would like to 
someday work on computer and video games for 
a living. 

°vJens tynn Cordon 

Psychology Major 

Gospel Choir, Open Hand Open Heart, 150 

I aspire to further my studies in the medical field 
and to one day become a psychiatric nurse. "It's not 
things, but the way we view things, that is impor- 
tant." - Seneca 

Lauren Gagnon 

Psychology Major 

Kids' Club . CAUSE. Summer Ministries. Life 
Group Leader . MSPCC Mentor, SI Leader 

I aspire to become a social worker, help change the 
world, and become a great wife and mother. 

Thank you God, Mom & Dad. Brandon, and 
friends for helping me through these years. 

Jeffrey 'Hamilton 

Sociology & Criminal Justice Major 

Class Council. Social Life Representative, Cross 
Country. Social Life Committee 

I aspire to get a job that will pay off my loans 
because we all know college is not cheap! Then, I 
aspire to get a wife, one kid. and a house and live 
happily ever after. 

JcMei King 

Health Science & Psychology Major 

Biology Club. Ski Club, J-Term Basketball. Intra- 
mural Soccer 

I aspire to become a physician's assistant and live 
in Maine. 

Michelle Emily Ledder 

Theology & Philosophy Major 

Senior Class Chaplain, Phil. Quest SI, 1 50, SSJ, 
Honors Scholar Society, Phi Delta 

I aspire to live in such a way that others recognize 
God's transforming grace. 

Mefissa Lemon 

Elementary Education Major 

Gospel Choir, Resident Assistant, Junior Senior 
Banquet Committee, Senior Class Council 

Kelly Ann Madeira 

Liberal Arts Major, Education (English) Minor 
Campus Kinder Haus 

Kayley, this is for you. May you one day realize 
that you can do anything you set your mind and 
heart to, even when others doubt you. 

"It's never too late to be what you might 
have been." - George Eliot 


Nathan James Martsotf 

Religion Major 

Plays, Musicals. JUMP. SI Leader. Small Group 
Facilitator. IRC. Summer Ministries 

I aspire to go to Nazarene Theological Seminary, 
get a Master's of Divinity, and then go wherever 
God leads me. 

Amy Joy fwoser 

Business Management Major 

Business Society, Gospel Choir, Life Groups. Cam- 
pus Kinder Haus, Catering, Hosting 

I aspire to eventually start my own Wedding Plan- 
ning/Coordinating Business. I may eventually go 
back to school to get a Masters and possibly a Law 

Ketty Deanna Moser 

Contemporary Music & Recording Major; Religion 

Softball, Cross Country, J-Term Basketball, 
Powder Puff, Gospel Choir, CMC, Chapel Worship 
Team, Summer ministries 

I aspire to marry Jay Wilson, own a recording stu- 
dio, get my M.Div., and work in music ministry. 


Lindsey Marie Peffetier 

Biochemistry Major 

Chapel Worship Team, Accountability Review 
Board, CAUSE, Powder Puff, Gospel Choir 

I aspire to be a good wife and mother and to pro- 
vide for my family through a career in pharmacy. 

Jennie Marie Pietra 

Biology Major. Chemistry Minor 

Volleyball. Open Hand, Open Heart, CAS, 
RA, Mozambique, Lab Assistant, Dartmouth, 
Haiti, ShraderClub President 

"This is my song through endless ages, Jesus led 
me all the way" -Streams in 
the Desert 

Mary Fiona Restrict 

Liberal Arts Major 

Open Hand, Open Heart; Life Group 

In my time here at ENC I have grown so much as 
a person. Thank you to those of you who touched 
my life. I thank God for you! I hold you all in my 



Brenda Rivera 

Psychology Major 

Post-Abortion Syndrome Groups, Hosanna Light- 
house Ministries, Drama Leader, Whiz Kids, Psi 
Chi, Phi Delta, Consider This 

Never forget, no matter whatever you do in the 
course of your life, the One you serve. He's the 
Captain of our salvation. If you seek His lead, you 
will never fail. - Psalm 1 8. 

Katnerine Lianor Sckuttauf 

Sarah Smad 

Early Childhood Education Major; English Minor General Music Performance & English Major 

I aspire to attend graduate school and become a 
first or second grade teacher. I will keep God at the 
center of everything I do. Graduation could not 
have been possible without God's daily guidance 
and reassurance. My family have been angels that 
God has blessed me with to keep me pursuing my 

A Cappella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choral 
Union, Gospel Choir, Jazz Band, Symphonic 
Winds, Chapel Worship Team, Fusion Trip. 
Chamber Singer International Tour 

I aspire to attend University of Pittsburgh for 
library science and teach piano and music. 

Laura Surting 

Elementary Education Major (English) 

Gospel Choir, Food Council , Youth Group 
Leader, Lifegroup Leader 

Lena Tito mas 

English and Social Work Major 

I aspire to have a nice life, make the world a better 
place, travel lots, and get a puppy. 

Amanda Lynn Top 

Religion and Missions Major 

A Cappella Choir, SSJ, Nease Library, Theater 

I aspire to be a mommy and raise a family (and to 
secure peace in the world). 



Timothy Tro,vfer Justine N. Twofoot Kevin Michatt Ustinsfo 

Computer Science and Religion Major; Middle School Education and History Major History Major 

Mathematics Minor 

Nautilus. J-Term Basketball. RA. Publication Board Freshman and Sophomore Class President, History 

JUMP. Summer Ministry. Physics and Engineering President Club President, Western Heritage SI, Indoor Soccer, 

Club, Chapel Worship. Refiner's Fire. ITS, Science & Nease Library, and Pranking Underclassmen 
Theology News | aspire to teach students the importance of learning. 

When 1 am 60. 1 want to proudly say that I worked I aspire to go to graduate school for 

I aspire to face life like a warrior, all day every day. hard, loved hard, played hard, and through it all, I international relations, live in Europe for awhile, and 

achieved great things. climb every mountain. 

Elementary Education Major; English Minor Sociology and Criminal Justice Major Sports Management Major 

Gospel Choir. Life Group. Publication Board, Hosting. Gospel Choir, Senior Class Council Basketball, Softball, SAAC 


1 aspire to help make the world a better place. 1 as P ire t0 8 et a J ob coaching high school basketball. 

I aspire to make a difference in the lives of children 
and to live a life pleasing to God. 


-21 ~ 

Chapel Worship Team, Cinderella, Costa Rica & 
Uganda. Open Hand Open Heart, Powder Puff, 
Tennis, CAUSE, Gospel Choir, 150, Mailroom!, 
Kinder Haus, Campus Camera 

I aspire to travel, find adventures, climb moun- 
tains, be fluent in Spanish & Sign Language, go to 
graduate school, work for World Vision, and take 
advantage of every opportunity given to me. 

Christopher Alspach 


L Suzanne Andrew 

Stephanie Andrews 

Ryan Arnold 







5# \ ^ 

.Aiirtmir Turner 

5nrah Vermillion 

ey lumer 


Jennie Warren 

Bernard. Jonathan 
Carrio Morning, Jill 
Coder, Matt 
Corbin, Joshua 
Coulter, Edward 
Crow, Amber 
De Mel, Rashindu 
Douglas, Mark 
Duda. David 
Durant, Samuel 
Finfin, Elanor 
Flick, Benjamin 
Freburger, Jonathan 
Gannon, Leah 

Jloi PiCtwted 

Grannell, Nathan 
Haynes, Paul 
Helm, Jonathan 
Lee, Christopher 
Loscomb, Rachel 
MacPhee, Heather 
Maurice, Joanne 
Maysmith, Jacob 
McFarlane, Marvelyn 
McRell, Keith 
Michel, Joanna 
Mountain, Bradley 
Noon, Angela 
Ortega, Arturo 



Jennifer Wescoit 

Parks, Megan 
Prescott, Benjamin 
Ranstrom, Erik 
Richard, Sara 
Ringius, Adam 
Stevens, Jennifer 
Staples, Ashley 
Streams, Kylie 
Sullivan, John 
Tiriticco, Barbara 
Youngman, Jonathan 
Znoj, Kate 

Jonathan Youngman 



Convocation for 

A new dawn awakened with 
hearts full of dreams. Stories and 
faces with scars, yet unseen, ques- 
tioned belonging but willing to try 
to value the distance and bridge 
the divide. 

Because we believed, chains were 
broken and words were spoken 
that tore down the walls. Because 
we believed, eyes were opened and 
now we can see, because we be- 

The eyes of a stranger can make 
the heart bleed. They're begging 
for something beyond what they 
plead. So scared if we reached out 

the Class of 2007 

we might feel their pain, but leav- 
ing them outside leaves no one else 
to blame. 

So many days will change our 
plans, leaving us blinded where 
we stand. Just when we think we'll 
quit the game, we'll look in anoth- 
er's eyes and remember why we 

It's because we believe that 
chains will be broken. And words 
will be spoken to tear down the 
walls. It's because we believe that 
eyes will be opened, and other will 
see, because we believe. 



(Left) Amy Dolinger, Maria Bardales, and Katherine Schuttaf stand during My Jesus I 
Love Thee. 

(Above) Kyle Sousa, Chris Alspach, Nathan Martsoff, and Blake Marshall celebrate. 

^^^^^L ^ ^^^^^^ 


Cdtbradng tfte Class of 2007 


Margaret Ballard 

Stacey Barker 
Assistant Professor 
Social Work 


M. Peter Carey, III 
Associate Professor 

Michael Ballard 

Associate Professor 
Co mmunication Arts 

William Boozang 

Assistant Professor 

Amy Carleton 

Assistant Professor 

Meredith Baker 

Lambert Brandes 

Professor, Division Chair 

Delvyn Case 
Assistant Professor 

Jeffrey Barker 
Assistant Professor 
Religion, Philosophy 

James Cameron 

Alfred Cawthorne 

Associate Professor 
Teacher Education 



Beverly Cawthorne 
Associate Professor 
Teacher Education 

Timothy Eyring 

Richard Fish 

Psychology, Sociology 

Nancy Detwiler 
Movement Arts 

hunice Ferreira-LaMere 

Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts 

Janese Free 
Psychology, Sociology 

Aaron Domina 

Assistant Professor 
Biology, Chemistry 

Norene Fiacco 
Associate Professor 
Teacher Education 

John Free 
Professor, Division Chair 
Physics, Engineering 

Orla Downey 


Randall Fish 

Physics, Engineering 


Karl Giberson 

Joseph Goulart 
Business Administration 

-I I L 

Arthur Keough 

Lorraine Graves 
Assistant Professor 
Social Work 

Karen Cubie Henck 

Assistant Professor 

Marianna Krejci-Papa 

Assistant Professor 
English, Foreign Language 

Wayne Griffin 

Assistant Professor 
Psychology, Sociology 

Michael Holt 
Assistant Professor 
Business Administration 

Assistant Professor 
Religion, Philosophy 

Lowell Hall 
Biology, Chemistry 

Amy Hwang 

Assistant Professor 

Janet Lanham 

Professor, Division Chair 
Psychology, Sociology 

Jamica Love 


Carla Lovett 
Assistant Professor 

Stephen Lovett William Malas 

Associate Professor Assistant Professor, Division Chair 

Rplioinn Ph i lrwnnhv 

Math. Computer Science 



Brian Massey 

Carlos Maynard 

J. Philip McLaren 

Assistant Professor 



Psychology, Sociology 

Psychology, Sociology 

Biology. Chemistry 

K. Brady Millican 


John Moran Paul Nyce Lome Ranstrom 

Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor, Division Chair 

Administration Physics. Math, Computer Science Teacher Education 

John Reid 
Movement Arts 



Nancy Ross 
Associate Professor 

Eric Severson 
Assistant Professor 
Religion, Philosophy 

Joanna Taylor 




Deborah Saitta-Ringger 

Assistant Professor 

Mary Lou Shea 
Assistant Professor 
Religion, Philosophy 

Bradford Thorne 

Assistant Professor 

Terttu Savoie 
Assistant Professor 

Timothy Shetler 

Assistant Professor 

John Tierney 
Communication Arts 

Linda Scott 

Associate Professor 
Teacher Education 

Randall Stephens 

Assistant Professor 

Jonathan Twining 

Assistant Professor 
Biology, Chemistry 

Fen Wang 
Assistant Professor 
Math, Computer Science 

Vernon Wesley 
Associate Professor 

Soterios Zoulas 
Associate Professor 
Communication Arts 

Matthew Waterman 

Associate Professor 
Biology. Chemistry 

Joseph Williams 

Assistant Professor 
Biology. Chemistry 

Jan Weisen 
Assistant Professor 
Business Administration 

Timothy Wooster 
Associate Professor 
Biology. Chemistry 

Jeffrey Wells 
Associate Professor 

Donald Yerxa 

Eastern Nazarene College President 

Coriis McGee 

Finances - 
Social Life- 
Rec. Life - 

Admin. - 


Laura Bragg 
Rhiannon Gorham 
Sarah Guest 
David Edmonds 
Allison Cheney 
Katelyn Crouse 


Christian Corey 
Joseph Cox 
Erin Crosby 
Katelyn Crouse 
Rachel Cuffe 

Corinne Curtis 
Joshua Daniels 
Tennyson Doane 
Gerrianne Dorsett 
John Doucette 

Jillian Duchene 
Emily Dunham 
David Edmonds 
Amanda Egolf 
Michael England 

Nicole Fatchaline 
Amy Ferguson 
Donnamarie Garofalo 
Melaina Genivese 
Rhiannon Gorham 


Victoria Hamilton 
Jeremy Hermann 
Rebekah Hodgkins 
Katherine Hulien 
Tina Ide 

Andy Jasmin 
Luc Jasmin 
Matthew Kauffman 
Jamie Kelley 
Beth Klopfer 

Mary Knight 
Allison Knowland 
Rebecca Kulat 
Wassim Lebbos 
Stacey Lillios 

Alex Limage 
Sarah Lockette 
Heather Mattoon 
Jesse Mix 
Faith Musembi 

Christopher Neves 
Katie Osgood 
Andrew Puma 
Anne Reilly 
David Restrick 

Javier Roche 
Luis Rodriguez 
Philip Scott 
Lori Soares 
William Stephens 



Alston, Chanel 
Alvarez, Adriana 
Andrews, Julie 
Arteaga, Lilian 
Awwad, Sary 
Baluch, Matthew 
Barnard, Elizabeth 
Barron, Christopher 
Benjamin, Imani 
Berube, Jessica 
Birmingham, Theresa 
Bragg, Laura 
Brown, Andrew 
Brule, Kate 
Buckley, Taryn 
Bui, Dung 
Calhoun, Ryan 
Cantave, Jonathan 
Charles, Thersey 
Chase, Carolyn 
Cheney, Allison 
Clark, Ashley 
Colby, Carolyn 
Coyle, Kimberly 
Cuffe, Rachel 
De Jesus, Princess 
Deschaine. Autumn 
Desronvil, Michael 
Dix, Craig 

Dominique, Franchesca 
Dunlavy, Mary 
Duong, Tarn 
Eliacin. Yvelande 
Excellent, Natasha 
Feeney, Justin 
Guest, Sarah 

Mot Pictwifid 

Fegan. Shannon 
Fiske. Tyler 
Gauthier. Katrina 
Hamlin, Allen 
Hannon, Sarah 
Hanshew, Garet 
Hart, Harry 
He, Jia 
Ho, Lap San 
Hoover, Laura 
Hynes, Sean 
Hyun. Yoonsun 
Ieszenberg, Rachael 
John, Samone 
Johnson, Andrea 
Jones. Shannon 
Jordan, Jessica 
Killen, Bryan 
Kingsley, David 
Knowlton, Tyler 
LaFoutain, Timothy 
Lanham, Gregory 
LeBlanc. Matthew 
Leonard. Bradley 
Llagami. Oljana 
Machado. Elizabeth 
Manganelli. Matthew 
Magnuson. Nathan 
Manchester. Christopher 
Marcellus, Jean-Paul 
McNally. Kathleen 
Meserve, Joseph 
Metcalfe. Emily 
Mills, Kerri 
Nowland. Allison 

O'Brien. Maureen 
Pan. Kristina 
Peters. Allison 
Pfarher. Lleana 
Pirrotta. Steven 
Ramos. Fallon 
Rana, Hari Maya 
Richardson. Angela 
Roberts. Melanie 
Rousseau. Ashley 
Seaberg. Ryan 
Segal. Michelle 
Semedo, Catarina 
Shannon, Jessica 
Smith, Jasmine 
Springer, Lovon 
Stanford, Timothy 
Sterlin, Jessica 
Stinehelfer. Ethan 
Stone, Erin 
Storie, Brandon 
Torino. Laura 
Van Amburg, Andrew- 
White. Troy 
Whitehurst, Shalymar 
Wiersma, Rachael 
Wilson, Jay 


also a town in West Virginia that 
has a population of only 542 




President - 
Finances - 
Social Life- 
Rec. Life - 
Chaplain - 
Admin. - 


an Alanko 
Tammy Andrews 
Ryan Augusta 
Jonathan Babirak 
Jillian Barrett 

Brittany Bedillion 
Brandon Bernier 
Kurtis Biggs 
Steven Bracale 
Joseph Burley 

Joshua Burley 
Ricardo Cameron 
Jessica Camille-Elas 
Marie Castro 
Elizabeth Chamberlin 

Christina Chestna 
Chantelle Chouinard 
Christina Clarke 
Shawn Cola 
Jesse Collins 

Jocelyn Cox 
Tyler Crowell 
Mackenzie Cusick 
Matthew Dagley 
Erlia Dessin 

Melissa Douglas 
Andy Dumas 
Kevin Eloy 
Seth Emery 
Bonnie Fay 

Aubrey Figueroa 
Laura-Beth Fitzpatrick 
Hilary Gallagher 
Ezekiel Gillie 
Sarah Good 

Preston Graveline 
Junior Guimaraes Filho 
Jessica Hagelgans 
Lauren Halvorson 
Brittany Hardie 

Jennifer A. Harris 
Jennifer L. Harris 
Andrew Hill 
Jennifer Horberg 
Melissa Horr 

Beth Jackson 
Michael Jean 
Danielle Kendrall 
Shelly Koopman 
Andrew Krause 

Jeffrey Kustra 
Patrick Lane 
Anthony Leite 
Andrew Leman 
Sarah Leonard 

Justin Levesque 
Rebecca Lewis 
Stephen Mapes 
Anna Masters 
Arielle Mather 



JMot ViOiDMi 

Agenor, Reginald 

Guevara, Rebekah 

Petnllo, Randall 

Aliotta, Paul 

Hardy, Alexander 

Pina, Christopher 

Appleby, Christopher 

Hatcher, Tamika 

Pina, Marissa 

Ardrey, Johnathon 

Hillman, Kimberly 

Prendergast, Erin 

Auguste, Rebecca 

Jardim, Ashley 

Quinn, Adam 

Awwal, Tazirina 

Jean-Noel, Ricardo 

Rauchfuss, Hannah 

Bennett, Aimee 

Kamberidis, Constantine 

Richardson, Darlene 

Bohall, Jonathan 

Kimball, Bonnie 

Ringius, Leanne 

Bohannon, Shawn 

Kish, Edward 

Rossi, Robert 

Brathwaite, Kendra 

Lauriston, Ursula 

Ruiru, Jonathan 

Brubaker, Lance 

Lee, Daniel 

Sawyer, Nicole 

Cardona, Daniel 

Lee, Eileen 

Seals, Jeffrey 

Celestin, Joanna 

Li, Wendy 

Shaw, Daniel 

Collins, Amanda 

Ludwick, Christina 

Smith, Justen 

Crowley, Kristen 

MacFee, Sarah 

Sorensen, Rachel 

Culbert, Nicole 

Maltais, Daniel 

Sorensen, Rebekah 

DaSilva, Colby 

Matt, Jessica 

Stanford, Jeremy 

Davis, Felisha 

McGrath, Brandon 

Stearns, Jennifer 

Desroches, Jessica 

Monteiro, Cynthia 

Stenbuck, Francisca 

Dickerson, David 

Murphy, Diane 

Still, Lyndsey 

Doane, Laura 

Ndungu, Henry 

Suzin, Nehemie 

Dodge, Luke 

Newman, Jessica 

Thompson, Benjamin 

Dorsey, Racheal 

Newman, Stephen 

Tower, Jason 

Fernandes, Janna 

Norris, Nichole 

Varner, Emily 

Finnie, Alana 

O'Bryan, Heather 

Vivanco, Justin 

Ford, Hannah 

Oates, Trevor 

Wallace, Kerry Lynn 

Foschi, Timothy 

Pasik, Cara 

West, Lauren 

Francois, Ricardo 

Patel, Alpesh 

Zellweger, Shea 

Gonzalez, Carolina 

Pearl, Justin 


Class of 2010 

President ^ Marco Martin 
Finances - Ashley Cornell 
Social Lif& Heather Pereira 
Rec. Life - Adam Carmody 
Chaplain - Shane Chamberlin 



lamal Abdelbaset 
Sherilyn Allen 
Katherine Asselin 
Benjamin Bowman 
Matthew Brown 

Corlene Capps 
Donalin Cazeau 
Shane Chamberlin 
Benjamin Chapman 
David Coleman 

Emily Colwell 
Cristina Costa 
Simmone Deane 
Ruthann DeBaise 
Luis Delossantos 

Alyssa Eklund 
Tiffany Gearheart 
Leah Gustafson 
Brooke Hale 
Ashley Horan 

Kennard Hueston 
Emmanuel Janvier 
Dora Joseph 
Kevin Kessler 
Chelsea LeFavor 

Lauren Leisner 
Emily Marascia 
Marco Martinez 
Tracie Medley 
Ervin Melara 


International Terms for Freshmen 

Scotland- bejant 
England - fresher 

Australia -jaffy 
Bdgiwn - schacht 



Albert, Claude 

Crovvell. Amber 

Abraham, Katnna 

DeCoste, Mark 

Alexander. Jessi 

Desrochers. Michael 

Anderson, Joshua 

Dickinson. Jaron 

A 1 A 1 1 * 

Aupperlee, Allison 

DiRienzi, Heather 

Babirak, Jonathan 

r\..i.~ t_~. 

Duke. 1 revor 

Balan, Christina 

Duplan. Michel 

Bartoswicz, Anya 

ragan, Chelsea 

Baskin, Tabitha 

Fernandes. Daisy 

Beauregard, Bethany 

Ferrell, Adonna 

Bellegarde, Marie 

Fletcher, Ian 

Bennett, Brendon 

Flint, Shawn 

Benoit, Jessie 

Follett, Julianne 

Berry Spencer 

Oaine, Colleen 

Betts, Jeremy 

Gardner, Andrew 

Biclawski. 1 homas 

Ciilpatnc. Ryan 

Blake. Sarah 

Goodwin, Katharine 

Bond, Amber 

Gressett. Jacqueline 

Bosquet, Shaskia 

Guillaume, Christopher 

Bresilla. Rachel 

Hagerman. Aaron 

Caldwell, Katharine 

Hale, Travis 

Cammarata, Allison 

Hardmon, Theodore 

Capen. Stephanie 

Herman. Alexandra 

Capozzi. Timothy 

Hoelschen-Thorne, David 

Carmody. Adam 

Horton. Micah 

Carr, Alex 

Hughes, Tisha 

Carter, Allison 

Jeffrey. Joline 

Carvalho, Wylsefane 

Jessup, Larissa 

Casey, Amy 

Jordon, Thomas 

Chan, Michael 

Kern, Sara 

Childress, Jessica 

Kingsley, Charles 

Chirac. Daphney 

Kirpas. Margaret 

Clerge, Julie 

Lafond. Lionel 

Cline, Laura 

LaFountain, Heather 

Colson. Jennifer 

LaPlume, Brittany 

Cook, Julia 

Larsen. Erik 

Corbin. Jordan 

Lewis, Jared 

Cornell. Ashley 

Lincoln, Nicholas 

Cross. Stephanie 

Marcel, Jerry 

Cox, Jeremy 

Marsters, Noah 

McCardel. Lauren 
McCormick, Larissa 
Mcintosh, Fritz 
Mendola, Peter 
Mendonza. Julie 
Merisier, Marcus 
Messia, Daniel 
Metcalfe. Andrew 
Metcalfe, Benjamin 
Mogilicherla. Uttam 
Moore, Charles 
Moran, Denise 
Moran, Lyle 
Morley, Craig 
Mountain, Karisa 
Musk. Ashley 
Musmecci. Amanda 
Neri, Rachael 
Nicholson. Tyler 
Nwachukwu. John 
Oyede, Patrick 
Papageorgiou, Constatine 
Parker. Kelley 
Pauley, Donna 
Pearson, Stephanie 
Pekkanen, TJ 
Pereira, Heather 
Pham, Thao 
Philbrick. Natasha 
Phinney, Brandon 
Pierce, Molly 
Pillsbury, Brandon 
Pinkerton, Christina 
Polivka, Stephanie 
Purvis. Denicia 
Quint, Matthew 
Raj an, Naveen 
Raphael, Tanya 
Reagan, Ashley 
Reed, Christy 

Reed, Jeanne 
Rcilly, Samantha 
Revere, Daniel 
Rivera, Juan 
Roberts, Matthew 
Rosario, Carlos 
Rosenstein. Maria 
Ruggiero, Anthony 
Sa, Nadine 
Salisbury, Jonathan 
Saloomey, Jared 
Salvatore, Stephen 
Santana, Dora 
Santana, Kendra 
Schutz, Carissa 
Sharp. Sarah 
Shuhart, Jordan 
Siano, April 
Silveira, Stephany 
Simpson, Kimberly 
Slocum, Connie 
Smith, Katelin 
Sosa, Johana 
Stacey, Allison 
Stanford, Scott 
Stuart, Bethany 
Sylvia, Celeste 
Tarbox, Jeremy 
Tran, Cecilia 
Vasquez, Renee 
Verschoor, Broc 
Wang, Chao 
Weaver, Meghan 
Welch, Caitlin 
Welch, Kaitlyn 
Whitehurst, Sherysse 
Whitty, Brittany 
Wildman, Jennifer 
Wilkinson, Ashley 
Williams, Melissa 
Zotos, Zachary 


Home of the Crusaders 

Eastern Nazarene College has a com- 
petitive Division III athletics program, fos- 
tering the spirit of the student-athlete in a 
Christian environment. 

A Division III member of the National 
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 
and the Commonwealth Coast Conference 
(CCC), ENC sponsors eleven men's and 
women's varsity athletic teams. 

Women! sTennis pages 64-65 

Men's Cross Country pages 66-67 

Women's Cross Country pages 68-69 

Women's Volley ball pages 70-71 

Men's Soccer pages 72-73 

Women'sSoccer pages 74-75 

Men's Basketball pages 76-77 

Women's Basketball fcujes 78-73 

MerCsTennis ^ages 80-81 

W omen! s Softball pages 82-83 

Men's Baseball pages 84-85 

1 ft 






Women 's 


Tennis this year was great. We had a lot of fun, even though 
we didn't always win. I think I speak for everyone when I say 
that the food was definitely one of the best parts. My fingers 
are crossed for next year's outcome! 

- Sarah Oliver 


"There was great community on the team, so it was 

always fun to play. " 
- Amy Penrose 



Cross Country 

"This year it seemed that the weather was 
against us every time we stepped onto the 
race course, but we never backed down from 
it. The talent on the squad showed its tough- 
ness, and while our goals weren't met on 
the course, we realized that it's not just win- 
ning on a course that matters, but off of it 
too. The experiences and friendships formed 
bound us together as a team that overcame a 
lot and gained greater rewards in the end." 

- Jeffrey Hamilton 

<7 J 



(Above) Eastern Nazarene College leads the 



(Right) Chris Reilly (09) concentrates on 
maintaining his fast pace. 

(Right) Matt Coder (07) prepares to pass the 


(Below) Jon Babirak'(lO) displays excellent 
endurance in spite of the heat. 

r Schedule i 

l5j *1 

9/9 Mass Maritime 

9/16 UMass- 

9/23 Gordon - 
PC Invitational 

9/30 CC of 
Rhode Island 

10/7 Roger Williams 

10/13 Emmanuel 

10/28 CCC 

roy White (08) proves that hard work during practice pays off during meets. 

(Above) Jay Wilson (08) and Troy White 
(08) encourage each other along the way. 



Women 's 

Cross Country 

This season was filled with weather conditions that would 
make a person want to go inside and hop back into bed. 
As runners, we took the bad and turned it into good by 
perservering and working hard. 

We had a large team this year, with each new person bring- 
ing something strong and positive to the team. 

From rising early on Saturday morning and running our 
hearts out in our races, till nightime when we scrubbed the 
mud and dirt off our sneakers, this season proved to be noth- 
ing but promising and successful overall. 

Schedule n 

- Tori Hamilton 

9/9 Mass Maritime 

9/16 UMass- 

9/23 Gordon - 
PC Invitational 

9/30 CC of 
Rhode Island 

10/7 Roger Williams 

10/13 Emmanuel 

10/28 CCC 

(Above) The ladies seem to have a good time while they warm up as a team. 



(Above) Genevieve Rivera (07) focuses as (Above) Elizabeth Machado (09) relaxes before having to run. 
she prepares for her race. 


Women 's 


Crusaders Finish Strong after Rough Start 

This season forced us to be more flexible than we ever thought was 
possible. Many of us had to play in new positions, and because of 
injuries, we had a different lineup almost every week. At first, it seemed 
as though our circumstances had gotten the best of us with our measly 3- 
1 1 start. The girls worked hard, though, and pushed through to a strong 
1 2-5 finish on the season. The flexibility and perseverance that the girls 
gained this season are definitely going to make us stronger in the upcom- 
ing years. 

- Christina Ludwick 


(Left) Darlene Richardson (09) 
readies to deliver a powerful 

(Below) Lyndsey Still (09) 
prepares to recieve her oppo- 
nent's serve. 

Rebi Sorenson (09) returns the ball to her opponents' side of the 
net while Christina Ludwick (09) and Lauren Leisner (10) look on. 

"We had a pretty 
good year, but 
there's definetly 

room for 
improvement. We 
had a lot of setbacks 
during the season, 
but we're definetely 
excited for next year 

because almost 
everyone is return- 
ing. However, it will 
be hard to replace 
our star middle 
Amber Crow." 

(Left) Christina Ludwick 
(09) and Darlene Richard- 
son (09) attempt to block an 
opponent's shot. 

(Far left) Christina Ludwick 
(09) and Lyndsey Still (09) 
ready for play to begin. 




he 2006 men's soccer 
;ason was a year of close 
ills. With a team full of 
cperienced and talented 
burners from the 2005 
am, the Crusaders looked 
• have the foundation to 
aild a solid season, 
sading the way in the back 
ild were seniors Erik Rans- 
om and Jon Freeburger, 
hile junior captain Jesse 
[ix would hold down the 
iddle along with senior 
)sh Corbin. Junior Brad 
^onard and junior Andy 
an Amburg were counted 
i in the front. These upper- 
assmen, along with a solid 
oup of sophomores led by 
(att Woodley 


and Andrew Krause had 
the Crusaders looking 
strong, but once the season 
arrived, they were never 
quite able to put it all 
together. The Crusad- 
ers remained competitive 
throughout the season los- 
ing seven of their eighteen 
games by only a single goal. 
The Crusaders were able 
to pick up a big conference 
victory late in the season 
versus Nichols College. 
Giving ENC the lead in the 
first half was sophomore 
Ezekiel Gillie who found 
the back of the net in the 
thirty-first minute off an 
assist by Van Amburg. 
Sealing the victory in the 
eighty-first minute was 
Leonard who scored off 
a rebound from Krause's 

(Above) Matt Woodley (09) attempts to gain control of the ball during a home 
match at Bradley Field. 

Experience leads 

♦ ♦ « > ♦ 

* ♦ ♦ ► 

(Left) Matt Woodley 
(09) and Joe Meserve 
(09) double team an 
opponent attempting 
to gain possesion of 
the ball. 

(Below) Joe Meserve (09) sprints 
ahead of his opponent after a 
loose ball. 

(Above) Erik Ranstrom (07) gets physical as he 
battles his opponent. 

(Left) Andy Gardner (10) makes a move towards 
his opponents' goal. 

(Left) Goal keeper Stephen Bracale (09) goes 
into a crowd to corrale the ball before his op- 
ponents can get to it. 


Women 's 


This year could be described as a 
difficult one for the Lady 
Crusader soccer team. What 
seemed to be a potentially promising 
year under first year head coach Evan 
Camperell turned out to be a season 
filled with adversity. With a roster that 
was already limited to fifteen players, the 
Crusaders saw two of their top athletes go 
down with serious injuries early in the 
season. Freshman goalkeeper Natasha 
Philbrick, who Camperell called an 
"upper-echelon goalkeeper in the 
league," reaggravated a knee 
injury in the team's second game and 
required season-ending surgery. 
Junior Nicole Fatchaline was 
also sidelined for the season 
by a severely sprained ankle. 
Prior to this injury, Fatchaline was 
the only Crusader who had scored a goal. 
Despite these devastating losses the team 
continued to play hard, never giving up in a situation many 
might have. Even while playing down a player in the majority of the 
game, with only ten players on the field, the ladies continued to fight. The 
Crusaders were able to take pride in the small accomplishments as they were 
able to score just the second goal of the season in a match against New England 
College. At the sixty-seventh minute mark in the second half, April Siano was 
able to convert an assist from junior Amanda Egolf to find the back of the net. 

"Despite ad that tfte team had 
been through with such short 
numbers the girls never ceased to 
show heart!! 
Maria Vousson 

Brook Hale (10) attempts to set up a teammate for a 
scoring opportunity. 


Midfielder Joni 
Ranstrom (09) 
attempts to stop 
her opponent from 
advancing the ball 
up the field during a 
home match against 
Curry College. 

Forward Brittany 
La Plume (10) gets 
a rare moment of 
rest as she watches 
her teammates 
and prepares to 
get in on the ac- 

Captain Gerriane 
Dorsett (08) 
attempts to put 
her team in a 
scoring position 
by kicking the ball 
up field. 





Crusaders Battle through Tough Season 

There were high 
hopes for the men's basket- 
ball team coming into this 
season. The Crusaders were 
optimistic and eager to play 
under first year coach Jon 
Yen who is believed to be 
the first Chinese-Ameri- 
can head men's basketball 
coach in the United States. 
Though expectations were 
high, the season didn't 
quite play out the way the 
Crusader men had planned. 
The team opened the sea- 
son by losing their first 21 
games, ten by only eight 
points or less. Yet even 
through these hard times 
they never stopped giving 
their all, and it finally paid 
off as the team earned their 
first victory by beating con- 
ference leader Roger Wil- 
liams on the road / 1-63. 

Leading the charge 
for the Crusaders was 
sophomore Ricardo Jean- 
Noel, whose 23 points led 
all scorers, and junior cap- 
tain Luc Jasmin's dominant 
inside performance, which 
netted Trim 1 7 points to go 
along with 1 rebounds. 
Junior Andrew Brown also 
contributed a career high 1 1 
points to go along with his 
four assists. The Crusaders 
also managed to send their 
seniors out in style by beat- 
ing the eventual conference 
champion Wentworth Leop- 

ards at home on Senior 
Night 87-76. Departing 
senior Chris Corey carried 
much of the scoring load 
for the team throughout the 
first half as he scored 1 5 of 
his 1 8 points in the open- 
ing period, while classmate 
Dave Duda cleaned up on 
the boards pulling down six 
rebounds and scoring 1 
points in the game. In the 
second half Senior Ryan 
Seaberg led the way for the 
Crusaders scoring 1 7 of his 
game high 23 points to help 
seal the victory. 

Guard Ryan Seaberg (07) takes it to 
the hoop strong against UNE to score 
the basket and draw a foul to go the 

the line. 

•i "I 
I 1 

From Left to Right: Coach Jon Yeh, Colby Dasilva, John Ruriu, Dan Shaw, Andrew Brown, Dave Duda, Ryan 
Seaberg, Luc Jasmin, Christian Corey, Kennard Heuston, Alex Carr, Team Manage Marc Abiem, Jean-Paul 
Marcellus. Brandon Bernier, Ricardo Jean-Noel, and Assistant Coach Edson Cardoso 


Point guard Andrew Brown (08) prepares 
to lead the Crusaders on the offensive end 
as he brings the ball up the court. 

Even through all the 
rough times we had this 
year we kept working 
hard and in the end it 
paid off with some 
victories down the 

- Andrew Brown 

Forward Jean-Paul Marcellus (08) throws 
it down with authority during the second 
half of the team's home opener versus 
Lesley College. 

First year coach Jon Yeh guides his play- 
ers from the sidelines as Andrew Brown 
(08), and Dan Shaw (09) look on. 



Women 's 


This year's women's 
basketball season was 
highlighted by one Crusader's 
outstanding individual 
accomplishments. Senior 
captain Rebecca Welch was 
selected to the All- Conference 
Second Team by the 
Commonwealth Coast 
Conference coaches, which 
makes four years in a row she 
has been given this honor. 
Welch's season statistics were 
among the best in the 
conference. Her 20.3 points 
and 8.2 rebounds per game 
ranked second and eighth in 
the conference respectfully, 
and her 4.0 assists was fifth 
best. After breaking the 1 ,000 
point career scoring mark her 
junior year the possibility for 

Welch to become the school's 
all time scoring leader became 
very real. Welch did exactly 
that on February 3, during a 
home game against Colby 
Sawyer. Needing only nine 
points to surpass Jody Gard- 
ner ('01) for first place Welch 
netted a game high 20 points 
to take her place in the record 
books. Welch's individual 
achievements contributed to 
four wins for the season for 
the Lady Crusaders. Also 
leading the way was junior 
captain Christina Winchester, 
who averaged 9.1 points, 6.4 
rebounds and two assists per 
game and a team best 77.8% 
free throw percentage, 
Sophomore Amanda Remmel 
also contributed 9.1 points and 
4. 1 rebounds while 
freshman Jess Schoppee went 
for 9.4 points and 5.6 re- 
bounds per contest. 


Coach Ken Hardee escorts Rebecca Welch to center court 
to be honored for becomming the school's all-time lead- 
ing scorer. 



1. Forward Amanda Remmel (09) 
brings the ball up the court. 

2. Guard Nicole Culbert (09) defends 
the Crusader basket against UNE. 

3. Christina Winchester (08) and Ni- 
cole Culbert (09) double team a UNE 
ball handler. 

4. Rebecca Welch (07) attempts to drive 
to the basket as Jessica Schoppee (10) 
readies for the potential rebound 




Conn. College 






Daniel Webster 


















Anna Maria 



Roger Williams 






Anna Maria 

90-89(OT) W 













Salve Regina 












Roger Williams 






Salve Regina 






Captain Rebecca Welch (07) brings the ball up the court during a home game at Lahue 
Gymnasium in a match against conference foe University of New England. 




Below: Phil Lafoun- 
tain (07) serves up 
a ball on his way to 
being named ENC's 
comeback athlete of \ 
the year. 

Even after the loss of last year's conference MVP and a 
couple of other players we still managed to hold onto the 
same conference record as the previous year. Injuries to 
a few of our players stopped us from going deeper into 
the play-offs, though. Despite the loss of two of our key 
players in seniors Keith Mcrell and Phil Lafountain, a 
four-year letter winner and team captain who went un- 
defeated in doubles this year, we believe we have built a 
strong foundation for next year. 

- Cris Popa, Head Coach 

(Back Row) Head Coach Cris Popa, Phil Lafountain, Jack Sahlman, Keith McRell, 
Michael Chan, Bill Stephens, Jordan Corbin. (Front Row) Rob Rossi, Luke Dodge, 
Tyler Rcsterick. 

Tyler Resterick (10) prepares his back 
swing to return a serve. 



Luke Dodge (09) delivers a hard shot back to his opponent. 

Bill Stephens (08) shows complete concentration during 
his match. 

ack Stalham (09) reachs to return his opponents shot. Keith McRell (07) uses a backhand shot in 

an attempt to beat his competition. 


This year we were hoping to make the playoffs, and we obvi- 
ously did not reach our goal. We had a few setbacks and injuries 
early on in the season, but most of our losses were only by a few 

Next year we will be losing three seniors who are all very 
valuable in their own way. Co-captain Rebecca Welch, our starting 
third baseman will be leaving us. Not only was she a great defen- 
sive player but she was also an offensive threat, leading our team 
in both RBI's and hits. Jen Westcott, our starting center fielder and 
co-captain, made great plays defensively and also contributed of- 
fensively. Kelly Moser, our starting second baseman, was also solid 
defensively and helped in keeping the team's morale up. We will 
also be losing another key player, Brittany Bedillion, who was our 
starting left fielder. She was another great offensive threat and her 
speed on the bases was a detriment to our opponents. She's only a 
sophomore but she is transferring to Liberty to continue her educa- 
tion in nursing. 

As far as next year goes, we are hoping to come back stron- 
ger and more experienced. With some changes and new recruits our 
team is going to continue to strive to reach our goal of maing the 

- Rachel and Rebekah Sorensen 

Right: Sophomore Rebi Sorenson slides 
underneath a tag to avoid an out at home 

Below: Sophomore Jami Swedick stands 
at the ready as she attempts to get a hit. 

Sophomore Brittany Hardie attempts to 
make a play at home plate. 



L 0> ,: H 

7_ r "' ai 


This season was a rollercoaster from beginning to end. After a good Florida trip 
(5-3), we were shut down four games in a row after returning to our conference 
schedule. Then, showing perseverance and an ability to bounce back that would 
become characteristic of both our season and our team, we rebounded and in 
the end had an 18-12 record for the season. We didn't go as far in the playoffs 
as we thought we should, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of our players. 
Many of our players had great indiviudual seasons including Brad Mountain, 
Justen Smith, and the Turner brothers. One phrase that would describe our pro- 
gram is hard work. In the classroom and on the field, this year's team showed 
dedication to not only each other, but the ENC community as well. Our whole 
team is looking forward to next year and having the opportunity to work hard 
and win some more ballgames for ENC. 

- Matt Manganelli 


(Right) Senior Brad Mountaion hits a 
grand slam over the right field 
"monster" at Bradley Field . 


^{-84- JIAS 

(Below Left) Freshmen Tyler Nicholson and teammates obsevere the game's action 
from the dugout. 

(Below Right) Juniors Anthony Swede and Steve Pirrotta jog off the feild after a half 
inning's work. 

or tne 

9-4 W 

2- 5 L, 0-3 L 

7- 10 L, 6-9 L 
17-0 W, 11-0 L 

8- W, 3-6 L 

3- 12 L, 4-0 W 
0-6 L, 3-0 W 

9- 3 W, 13-0 W 
6-1 W, 2-1 W 
12-4 W 

11-2 W, 8-4 W 
3-12 L, 7-4 W 
2-7 L 
9-12 L 

(Above) Junior Pitcher Matt Manganelli delivers a 
pitch to home plate. 


Special In-teiiests 

Clubs and Organizations 

When passionate students unite under 
a common vision, or aspiration, things hap- 
pen. A new spice is added to the brew that is 
our campus life, reminding us that everybody 
has something to contribute for a zesty fla- 

The clubs and organizations at ENC 
represent the diversity of students' talents, 
interests - and aspirations. From politics to 
music to ministry, the clubs provide students 
with an outlet to express their passions. 

This year, students formed new clubs 
including the Ski Club, Campus Crusade for 
Christ, and the Brigade. Several other clubs 
had set lofty goals involving new challenges 
and applied immense creativity to seeing 
their goals realized. It has been a year full 
of activity, leaving our campus, and perhaps 
our community, a better place because of it. 

Executive Clubs pages 88-94 

Scholastic Interests pages 95-99 

Student Ministries images 100-109 

Musical Specialities pages 110-115 


(Left) Andy Dumas (09), Kerry Wallace (09), Allison Pe- 
ters (08), Daisy Ferandes (10), Heather Pereira (10) and 
Cristina Winchester (08) enjoy a movie clip at The Plunge. 

(Below) The Executive SGA is Liz Barnard (08) - Admin- 
istrative Assistant, Faith Musembi (08) - Director of Public- 
ity, Matt Kauffman (08) - Recreational Life Director, Alison 
Novvlan (08) - Director of Finance, Emily Dunham (08) - Pres- 
ident, Tennyson Doane III (08)- Student Ministries Director, 
and Chris Lee (07) - Director of Social Life (not pictured). 


Tenny Doane (08) reads a scripture com- 
plimenting the week's movie clip at The 

unge in Shrader Lecture Hall in November. 

und Erin Crosby (08) attend a November Plunge meeting, 
which took place every Wednesday in Shrader Lecture Hall 

The Executive SGA is elected by the student body to provide stu- 
dents with a means of being involved in campus life through clubs, 
intramurals, counsels and other various groups. They also act as a 
liason between the administration and students. This year's coun- 
sel added their own unique flavor to campus life by spicing up 
some of ENC's longest standing traditions. This included adding 
a Hawiain luau to Welcome Week that took place on the front lawn 
and holding this year's Homecoming Corronation at an elaborate 
banquet on Friday evening in the Commons. According to SGA 
President Emily Dunham (08), it looks as though the banquet will 
become a tradition. Also, one of ENC's favorite gatherings, Late 
Night, returned as The Plunge where students viewed a movie 
clip that coinsided with a spiritual discussion each Wednesday 
evening. This counsel has left a unique mark with its sensitivity 
and commitment to the desires of the student body and, as Emily 
says, aspires to continue to improve the quality of campus life. 




i\ The General SGA is comprised of the Executive SGA members, the presidents of each 

/ ' / I student counsel, the chairpersons of the Accountability Review Board and the Pub- 

I ■ ■» y 1 lications Board, and finally, the editors of ENC's student publications. Twice each 

^ \ month, these leaders come together to discuss the quality of student life, the needs 

and desires of each class, and maintain accountability and unity amongst one anoth- 
er. Each class offered new, enjoyable opportunities to the student body to become 
active in campus life and to help support their class. The Junior class organized an 
elaborate Valentine's Day pasta dinner open to all students. The senior class also 
organized extensive service opportunites for students at Bethel Church of the Naza- 
rene as well as on campus and established a scholarship fund as their class gift, a 
gift that will keep on giving. The creativity of the leaders of the General SGA as 
well as that of their cousels and staffs, have made a lasting impression on the rest 
of the student body and they hope to continue to inspire those they seek to serve. 

General SGA is Laura Bragg (08) - Junior Class Pressident, Liz Barnard (08) - Executive Administrative As- 
sistant, Emily Dunham (08) - Executive President, Amanda Egolf (08) - Nautilus Editor in Chief, Melissa Low- 
el - SGA Liason, Jordan Vance (07) - Senior Class President, Matt Kauffman (08) - Executive Recreation- 
al Life Director, Tennyson Doane (08) - Executive Director of Student Ministries, Alison Nowlan (08) - Executive 
Director of Finance, Faith Musembi (08) - Executive Director of Publicity. Not Pictured: Dana Haun (07) - Campus 
Camera Editor in Chief, Justine Twofoot (07) - Pulications Board Chairperson, Jen Yeardon (09) - Accoutability Review 
Board Chairperson, Ursula Lauriston (09) - Sophomore Class President, Marco Martinez (10) - Freshman Class President 



Cara Pasik (09) Chris Alspach (07) Nicole Fatchaline (08) Genevieve Rivera (07) 
News Editor Photography Editor Business and Advertis- Spiritual Life Editor 

ing Editor 

The Cam Cam provides the student body, alumni, faculty, staff and surrounding commu- 
nity with the latest ENC happenings, events and general news and information concerning 
life on campus. This past year, the staff encouraged students to use the Cam Cam to voice 
their conserns and desires for the future of the campus. With this, they reported on sever- 
al of the most eye-catching changes that took place on campus, such as the newly renovated 
Dugout. They also conducted several follow-up interviews with various guest chapel speak- 
ers, including Bart Campolo and Lauren Winner, and featured several students' study abroad 
excursions. The sports teams also received an extensive amount of Cam Cam coverage as 
the seasons progressed, featuring several key players to ENC's performance. In the future, 
the staff would like to exercise better fact checking and editing as well as increase the pa- 
per's creative and professional quality. Next year's Creativie Director Jeff Seals (08), regard- 
ing professionalism and respectability, plans to take the paper above and beyond expecations. 

Jeff Seals (08) Melodie Anderson (07) Dana Haun (07) Sarah Wineland (07) 
Sports Editor Arts and Entertainment Editor in Chief Copy Editor 

Layout Editor Editor 



Cypher was born out of Ursula Lauriston's (09) desire 
for "students to have a place to display writing and pho- 
tography talents." To ENC's collection of publications 
Ursula wanted to add something with flavor and with 
the help of Faith Musembi (08), Susan Ramey in the 
publications office and several others. Cypher emerged 
at the end of this year. Countless students and faculty 
have commented on it's professional quality and poten- 
tial and are excited to see where it goes. The magazine 
covers short stories, poetry, essays, photography and 
"anything else that looks good in print," according to 
Ursula. She desires for Cypher to become ingrained in 
ENC's culture and to touch the surrounding community. 
She also mentioned her hope of it eventually becom- 
ing a credit and/or payment opportunity for students 
like other publications on campus. Regardless, Ursu- 
la is enjoying the enthusiasm Cypher has received so 
far and passionately expects great things for its future. 


(Above) Micha Horton (10) displays a cover of the first 
edition of ENC's new literary magazine, Cypher, at The 
Spot in April where they were being sold for three dollas. 

(Above) Ursula Lauriston (09) and Faith Musembi (08) are 
the creators and editors of ENC's literary magezine, Cypher. 


With "Aspirations" being the focus of this year's yearbook, the Nautilus staff figured that they would set some 

fairly lofty apsirations of their own: to produce a yearbook that exceeds expectations in thought, creativity, accu- 
racy and integrity. The staff grew with the addition of Ryan Arnold (07) and Paul Haynes (07) who are to thank 
for numerous photographs, including the entire underclass and most of the faculty section. Under the leader- 
ship of its hardworking editor Amanda Egolf (08) and the advising of Professor Deborah Saitta-Ringger, the 
staff set to work on that goal. In doing so, it has been an exciting privilege to get an up close and personal look 
at the many sides and faces of ENC's campus. Nautilus' aspirations for the future include continually improv- 
ing the yearbook as a yearly time capsule that accurately depicts who ENC is and preserves its best memories. 

Hilary Gallagher (09) Davey Edmonds (08) Matt Coder (07) Ryan Seaberg (07) 
Photography Editor Social Life Editor Business Manager Sports Editor 


(Left) Jeremy Lun- 
sford (09), Cam- 
eron Young (09), 
Matt Leblanc (08) 
Blake Marshal (07) 
Josh Burley (09; 
and Emily Dun 
ham (08) pause for 
a group photo dur- 
ing a softball game 

The History Club is run by Professor Lovett and, of course, history majors 
who organize social events, trips for presenting papers and travel courses. 
The club had another full year this year with several parties, movie nights 
and a softball game. They also helped finance a trip to a history confer- 
ence at West Point. Though it is run by history majors and professors, the 
History Club is not exclusively for history majors. According to History 
Club member Kevin Uscinsky (07), students of all majors are welcome to 
take advantage of the events and opportunities the History Club offers. "We 
put on a lot of great events that everyone would really enjoy," he says, and 
hopes for the future that more students will be excited about participating. 

(Above) Josh Burley (09) 
appears to have lost his ball. 

(Above) Anne Reilley (08) grabs some good- 
ies from the refreshment table for take away. 

(Above) John Sullivan (07), Luis Rodriguez (07), Anne 
Reilly (08) and Kevin Uscinski (07) pause for a victory 
photo after beating the Criminal Justice Department. 


(Above) The old and 
ity Counsels come 
ter the announcement 



new Business Soce- 
for a picture af- 
the next year's counsel. 

(Above) Amy Dolinger (07) passes off the presi 
dency to Laura Bragg (08) at the announcing o 
the new counsel at the BBQ outside the Dugout. 



Not all knowledge is obtained within the 
classroom and the Business Society is one of 
many clubs that acts upon this insight. They 
seek to provide students with vauable pre- 
patory experience outside of the classroom. 
This past year, they helped run the Warren 
Business Forum and held workshops and 
business department study parties in addition 
to hosting several speakers who came to talk 
to students about life after college. "Nothing 
can replace the wisdom of those who have 
gone before us," says former president Amy 
Dolinger (07). Leaders of the Business So- 
ciety would like to explore the possibility of 
becoming an Honors Society equipped for 
providing students with financial aid. Stu- 
dents would also like to develop an annual 
business/missions trip as a long term goal. 

(Right) Professor Michael Holt and Greg 
Lanham (08) converse over burgers at the 
Business Society BBQ. Part of the pur- 
pose for this event was to network with 
professors, alumni and fellow students. 

(Above) Josh Corbin (07) serves a fresh- 
ly grilled burger to John Nwachukwu. 


Student Association 
o{y Social SA/otes 

(Above) Several social work majors enjoy a time of relaxation and fellowship at the home of social work profes- 
sor Stacey Barker. 

The Student Association of Social Workers (SASW) is committed to serving the community and rais- 
ing avvarness of social work as a profession here on campus. They have worked closely with Friend 
of the Homeless and with families in the Germantown area. They filled this year with various service 
projects including a campus-wide drive to provide low-income families in the Germantown area with 
Christmas gifts. Also, as usual, March was Social Work Avvarness Month when they made the cam- 
pus aware of the value of social work as a profession, where social work seniors were serving for their 
practicums and the good they have done for the community. In doing so, SASW hopes to inspire other 
students to not only consider the profession of social work, but to also consider the various ways and 
places in which they can serve their community in accordance with, or regardless of, their own profession. 



Even "Shrader rats" need to escape Shrader once 
in a while and Shrader Club is a means for them to 
do so. This club is a community for science ma- 
jors to come together to socialize and support one 
another as friends. This past year, they organized a 
hike through the White Mountains in October, held 
a pizza party and a Chirstmas oary at Doc McClar- 
en's house, organized the annual whale-watch and 
Biology Banquet in April and finally a "chocolate 
covered stuff" event. Shrader Club President Jen- 
nie Pietra (07) says that being involved has given 
her the opportunity to get to know other science 
majors and offer them the lessons that God has 
taught her over the years in hopes that they will 
benefit. The club hopes to continue to provide a 
strong support system for science majors and to 
work closer with the alumni of the department. 

Jennie Pietra (07) and Connie 
Slocum (08) enjoy the beauti- 
ful weather at the Street Fair 
on Homecoming Weekend. 

Jamei King (07), Connie Slocum (08), Jen- 
nie Pietra (07 and Heather O'Brian (09) pose 
with the "oldest member" of Shrader Club. 

Jesse Mix (08) and Professor Aaron Domina display a 
beta fish and a Shrader Club T-shirt, their traditional sell- 
ing items at the Street Fair during Homecoming Weekend. 

Right: Kurtis Briggs 
(10) shows off his battle 
wounds at the Shrader 
Club Christmas party. 

Left: Rebekah Gue- 
vara (08) smiles for the 
camera at the Shrader 
club Christmas party. 


sics and 

The Physics and Engineering Club brings phyics and engineering majors to- 
gether into a community and also organizes opporunities for the rest of the 
student body to experience and enjoy physics. They held several movie and 
game nights throughout the year, held trips to the science museum and spon- 
sored a variety of lectures on topics such as web design and the software busi- 
ness. They made their annual appearance at the Street Fair during Home- 
coming Week and their traditional Egg Drop competition in the spring was 
another huge success. Anticipating another full, informative and enjoyable 
schedule like this one for next year, PEC hopes to see an increase in student 
involvment from the science department as well as the rest of the student body. 

(Left) The Phys- 
ics and Engi- 
neering Club 
is Izirlei Gui- 
maraes Filho 
(08), Dave Re- 
strick (08), Ryan 
Ardrey (09), 
Joe Cox (07), 
Andrew Hill 
(08) and Paul 
Aliotta (09). 



Oasis is a place of refreshment for all of ENC's ministry leaders. It is where these leaders come 
together to pray for one another, for this institution and to share ministrial concerns, successes and 
ideas. Several of this year's leaders took on ambitious projects, which included SSJ's "My HeART 
is Beeping," Invisible Children Benefit in April and the Broken Bread Meal put on by STAND in 
March. This year's Student Ministries Director Tenny Doane (08) held Oasis meetings once a month 
faithfully. He considers Oasis a time set aside specifically for him to be a resource for all the minis- 
try leaders as well as a time for them to encourage and lean on each other. In the future, Oasis hopes 
to be more of a nurturing ground for team building and deeper relationships among ministry leaders. 

Kate McNally (08) - Barnabus, Liz Kemmerer (07) - STAND, Meghan Woodward (07) - Prayer Warriors, 
Phil Nase (09) - Sophomore Class Chaplain/incoming SMO, Alison Cheney (08) - Junior Class Chaplain, 
(09) - Open Hand, Open Heart, Preston Graveline (09) - JUMP, Genevieve Rivera (07) - Women of Grace 


Prayer Warriors is Meghan Woodward (07) and Erin Crosby (08). 


If His people pray, He promises to listen and act. 
ENC's Prayer Warriors met regularly during Mon- 
day Chapel Break this year to pray for the needs 
of the community and each other. This year they 
held a prayer walk during which they bathed the 
community and concerns of the school in prayer as 
they walked around and throughout the campus. 

Committed participants from ths 
year sincerely desire for others to 
join them so that this vital min- 
istry may continue. They as- 
pire for greater unity and deeper 
relationships among students 
through prayer and hope to offer 
more activities with the ability 
to involve more people in prayer. 

Prayer Warriors Meghan Woodward 
(07) and Erin Crosby (08) share half an 
hour of prayer together in Angell Cha- 
pel where the group met regularly during 
Monday chapel break thoughout the year. 



JUMP members plan on moving upward and 
onward from this point on! 

Joline Jeffrey (10), Emily Marascia (10) 
and Allison Cammarata (10) perform a skit 
in Chapel towards the end of the semester. 

JUMP ministers to ENC and the surrounding community 
through the art of drama. They conducted two Church services 
in the area this year as well as performed in Chapel and at Naz- 
arene Bible Quizzing tournaments. Leader Preston Graveline 
(09) calls this a particularly Christ-driven group in that none of 
the members are concerned with the spotlight as much as they 
are about the ministry, which, he says, makes the experience 
even better. "Drama is an extremely powerful tool for ministry 
because it is so active and engaging," says Preston. With that, 
JUMP aspires to expand its ministry to areas where not every- 
one is used to such a ministry and less people know Christ. 

Ascary Joe Claudel (08) takes Joline Jeffrey ( 1 0) in his grasp dur- 
ing a rehersal performance of a skit in the Linda Witling Lounge. 

(09) and 
Kerri Mills 
(08) per- 
form a skit 
for a Church 
service in 
the area. 


(Left) Women of Grace 
is Therisa Birming- 
ham (09), Genevieve 
Rivera (07), Kate 
Hulien (07) and Re- 
bekah Guevara (09). 

Sv/owifift OA- 

As women of Christ, Women of Grace is a \y 


group called to minister to women by pro- 
moting a healthy view of self. In it's first 
full year in operation they held an event 
called "Women in Prison" during which they 
viewed a documentary written by playwright 
and activist Eve Ensler that provides a win- 
dow into the lives of women in Bedford Hills 
Correctional Facility. One of the members 
also conducted a photo shoot to promote a 
healthy self image and created a fitness pro- 
gram. In the immediate future, the group 
plans to explore gender roles for next year, 
yet this is quite flexible since the group is 
very much shaped by those involved, accord- 
ing to leader Genevieve Rivera (07). Women 
of Grace ultimately aspires to continue to 
encourage women's empowerment issues in 
the Church, workplace, school and daily life. 


(Above) The Women of Grace cut loose for the camera after 
watching Kate and Genevieve graduate. Congrats, ladies! 


froji Social 


In only its second year, Students 
for Social Justice (SSJ) has built 
exceptional momentum on campus for aware- 
ness and action on behalf of social justice causes. 
This past year, SSJ held a Hunger Banquet in 
October to visually demonstrate global econom- 
ic disparities. Also, in April, they held a view- 
ing of the Invisible Children Documentary and 
a community art benefit entilied "My HeART is 
Beeping" for the Invisible Children campaign. 
SSJ aspires to truly inspire others to take social 
justice issues to heart and to give of their gifts 
and talents toward solving issues of injustice. 

(Above) Second semester 
SSJ leaders Lilian Arteaga 
(07) and Fallon Ramos (08). 

(Above) First semester 
SSJ leaders Raechel Cuffe 
(08) and Melissa Horr (08) 

(Above) Jordan Vance (07) eats a 
plate of rice with his fingers dur- 
ing the Hunger Banquet in October. 

(Right) Greg Lanham (08), Kur- 
ds Biggs (10) and Daniel Maltais 
(09) have been assigned to the low- 
er class for the Hunger Banquet. 

Ariella Mather (09) serves Jeff Kustra (09) and Dar- 
ren Bodkin (09) during the Hunger Banquet in Munro 



Named after the patron saint of encouragement. 
Barnabus seeks to creatively uplift the campus community through 
encouraging notes and small gifts. During fall semester, they put 
together and personally delivered harvest baskets of candy for 
each faculty department. Eighty students received encouraging 
notes after their friends had dropped their name into the encourag- 
ment box that Barnabus had set in the Student Center during En- 
couragement Week and at weekly meetings members create cards 
for various faculty members. Barnabus aspires to truly exem- 
plify the love of Christ by fully understanding who Barnabus is 
and continue to lift the spirits of ENC's student body and faculty. 

(Left) Barnabus is Erin Stone (08), 
Jessica Matt (09), Rachael 
Wiersma (08). Mary Knight 
(08), Liz Machado (08), Kate 
McNally (08), and Ra- 
chel Webber (07). 

Leader Kate McNally (08) cuts out 
a heart for a card she is making. 

Mary Knight (08) works on an 
encouraging card for her professor. 

Webber (07) has 
chosen her 
colors for a card 
she plans to 
make for one of 
her professors. 

form a line 
waiting for 
the dye-cut 
machine at one 
of their weekly 
in the IRC. 


(Above) Aubry Figueroa (09) 
and Tammy Andrews (09) on 
their way into Boston Commons. 

(Above) Liam Shanley ( 1 0) fills a cup of juice and hands it to a man in need of (Above) Open Hand Open 
nurishment and a friend on a cold Saturday afternoon in Boston Commons. Heart leaders Josh Burley (09) 

Open <Nan(i 
Opm <UeDit 

(Right) Tam- 
my Andrews 
(09) passes 
a refreshing 
a needy man 
in Boston 

and Matt Woodly (09) pose 
for a picture. Great look guys! 

(Left) Josh 
Burly (09) 
5 and Sam 
M o n k e r n 
(09) prepare 
in the Dugout 
shortly before 
for Boston 

Open Hand Open Heart embodies the simplicity of min- 
istry. Each Saturday morning and evening a group of stu- 
dents make their way into Boston with sandwiches, juice, 
and large bins of clothing for the homeless who dwell in 
the Commons. Leader Josh Burley (09) claims that the; 
ministry enables people to spend time with others whom 
they would not normally spend time with and, therefore, 
helps to foster a different outlook on everyone. "You de- 
velop a real sense of compassion for others," he says. "It's* 
very maturing in that way." Open Hand Open Heart as- 
pires to acquire better means of carrying the supplies into 
Boston so that they may be able to bring more with them. 


[Right) Ashley Jardim (09) and Au- 
constructed for the Broken Bread 
Meal in Spange Parlor in March. 

(Below) Nadine Sa (10) signs up 
to give the proceeds of her dinner 
to AIDS and hungar relief efforts. 



- * 

(Above) GersonSemedo,DarrenBodkin(09)andJesseMix(08) 
jam together under a hut set up in the Student Center Lobby. 



STAND (Students Tackling AIDS kNeeling 
Down) exists to represent God's love in the face 
of HIV/AIDS through prayer, awareness and ser- 
vice. After resting for the fall, STAND returned 
in the spring with the Broken Bread Meal, a 
World Vision sponsored event designed to enable 
college students to identifty more intimately with 
those living in AIDS and poverty stricken situa- 
tions. In conjunction, they held the Orange T- 
Shirt campaign, also sponsored by World Vision, 
in which 1 out of 20 students on campus wear 
orange t-shirts with the word "orphan" written 
across the front representing the 1 out of 20 chil- 
dren in Africa that are orphaned by AIDS. To 
help put a face on such big numbers, STAND as- 
pires to work closer with local AIDS organizations 

(Above) Justin Pearl (09) and Eric Rans- 
trom (10) eat up bowls of corn soy porridge 
at the Broken Bread Meal in Spange Parlor. 

leaders Lena 
Thomas (07) 
and Liz Kem- 
merer (07) 





Also in its maiden year, the newly-formed Brigade desires 
to provide students with access to Christian music concerts 
by offering transportation to and from concerts in New 
England and by bringing Christian artists to ENC. They 
drove to several concerts across New England this year, 
including a Skillet concert during which the driver lost his 
van license for speeding out of sheer eagerness and excite- 
ment. Hey, it was Skillet! The Brigade aspires to expand its 
access to Christian music concerts beyond ENC to the sur- 
rounding community as well as bring more bands to ENC. 

(Right) The Brigade's fear- 
less leaders Davey Edmonds 
(08) and Erica McGrath (09). 

The Brigade is Justin Pearl (09), Erin Prendergast (09), Ben Thompson (09), Davey Edmonds (08), Magon Parent 
(09), Erica McGrath (09), Hannah Ford (09), Jennifer Harris (10), Shawn Cola (09) and advisor Matt Thomas. 





Though ENC has always been 
home to lots of skiers, the for- 
mulation of the ENC Ski Team 
has enabled these students to 
officially represent ENC on the 
slopes. In only its infant year, 
the ENC Ski Team is already 
showing its comptetive edge in 
that the majority of participants 
placed in the top half of every 
race they entered in the McBri- 
an Division Ski League. Every 
weekend during J-term the team 
traveled to New Hampshire and 
Vermont to compete in Slalom 
and Giant Slalom races. Team 
coach Jack Sahlman (09) fre- 
quently placed in the top ten and 
won a gold medal at an invita- 
tional race in Utah over Spring 
Break. The team would like to 
personally thank SGA (Student 
Government Association) for 
their funding and aspires to con- 
tinue to compete, improve their 


race experience, 

become more competitive, and 
enjoy themselves while doing it. 




whom he competes and coaches. 

Members of the Ski Team include Phil- 
lip Oliver (09), Jack Sahlman (09), Ash- 
ley Toye (09), and Ryan Calhoun (08). 

Ryan Calhoun (08), determined and 
strong, speeds down the mountain toward 
the finish during a race this past January. 


The entire Gospel Choir performs an upbeat number on 
stage during their November concert in Wollaston Chapel. 

Gospel Choir's ultimate purpose, they believe, is to come together as 
fellow worshipers of God to serve the community in song and praise. 
This year they completed their annual tour to Maryland and also per- 
formed for the local YMCA and in Germantown. In both locations, 
they spent time with the kids and offered their services. They also trav- 
eled on a tour to New York and sponsored a toiletry collection for the 
homeless of Boston. According to Anna Masters (09), Gospel Choir 
aspires to become more of a community within itself as they reach out 
to the surrounding community. "Rather than being just singers, we 
want to form better relationships with each other through Christ," she 
says. In doing so, they believe, they will be more effective ministers. 

(Above) Brook Bartlett (08) deliv- 
ers a moving solo during Gospel 
Choir's annual November performance. 




(Above) Director Delvyn Case leads 
the Gospel Choir in joyful praise. 

(Left) Singers freely raise their hands 
in praise during their annual perfor- 
mance in Wollaston Chapel in November. 

Choral Union begins their first 
number with the full orches- 
tra during their annual perfor- 
mance of Handle's Messiah in 
Wollaston Chapel in December. 


Choral Union receives and deliv- 
ers exposure to various types of 
classical music. It provides op- 
portunities for students, faculty, 
staff and members of the com- 
munity to perform and/or learn 
more about such types of music. 
They traditionally perform a fall 
and spring concert. This year, 
these performances consisted of 
Handel's Messiah and Honeg- 
ger's King David. Singer Sarah 
Troxler (09) explains that Choral 
Union's aspiration is "to formulate 
a well-rounded group of students 
by implimenting singing and 
teaching styles in their future car- 
reers as professional musicians." 

(Above) Professor Brandis ac- 
companies the singers in their per- 
formance of Handle's Messiah. 

(Right) Justin Pearl (09) and 
Matt Brown (10) perform warm 
up exercises with their fellow 
singers in Wollaston Church 
basement before the perfor- 
mance of Handel's Messiah. 


(Below) Sarah Smail (07), Matt Small (07), Brian Ki 
len (08), Julie Andrews (09) and Mackenzie Cusick (09) sin^ J 

(Above) Professor Tim Shet- 
ler directs A Cappella in their 
holiday performance in Cove. 

A Cappella and Chamber Singers 
are open to all students who desire to 
use their voices to minister to others 
through music. Traveling a bit and be- 
coming a better singer, of course, are 
added bonuses. This year, these two 
groups followed their usual Cape Tour 
down to Dennis Church of the Naza- 
rene, continued with their traditional 
fall, winter and spring tours and finally 
finished with their culminating perfor- 
mance at Jordan Hall in April. In addi- 
tion, the Chamber Singers participated 
in the annual Madrigal Feast in the fall, 
a traditional Renaissance banquet that 
fundraises for local food banks. With 
all of that, these talented singers per- 
formed their regular holiday and spring 
concerts here on campus that audience 
members say are a treat to attend. Mem- 
bers of A Cappella and Chambers are 
hopeful that more students will come 
out for performances and, perhaps, 
desire to join them in this ministry. 

1 12- 



Chamber singers Paul Sapp (09) and Hannah Ford (09) get into char 
acter as they prepare to sing in the Madrigal Feast in Novembei 



(Above) Steve Bell directs the Symphon- 
ic Wimds for Spring Concert in Cove. 

(Left) Phil Oliver (09) and Rebecca Steelman 
(09) skillfully play during the Spring Concert. 

The Symphonic Winds and 4 O'Clock Jazz 
Band is the embodiment-in-action of our stu- 
dent body and surrounding community joining 
forces to produce something fantastic. This 
group is comprised of musicians from ENC 
and the community who share a passion for 
their craft and desire to learn from one another. 
There is also class credit for ENC participants. 
The group performed their regular holiday 
and spring concerts as well as the music for 
the Commencement Ceremony in May. For 
the near future, the Winds and the Jazz Band 
hope to grow with greater student participation 
and also engage in more community outreach. 

Audience members sit back and enjoy the sounds 
of the Symphonic Winds and 4 O'Clock Jazz Band. 

4 0'GfocJe 
Jazz 'Hand 


The 4 O'Clock Jazz Band 
accompanies Allison Com- 
marata (10) as she treats 
the audience to a solo. 

^ M 

A talented member of 
the community digs deep 
during a solo performa- 
ce with the Jazz Band. 



Roughly seven years in the making 
and still young, Guitar Ensemble di- 
rector Mark Leighton says that this 
year's group is the best he has had the 
privilege of working with thus far. 
Besides being the largest group, he 
describes the players as having lots of 
momentum, an enjoyable sound and 
a love for being together. The group 
gave a number of performances this 
fall semester, including the annual 
Madrigal Feast down on the Cape in 
November, which raises money for 
local food banks, their annual Holi- 
day performances in Cove Auditori- 
um in December, and a performance 
in the Colonel's Coffee House, also 
in December, and just as many if not 
more performances in the spring. 
They aspire to continue their enjoy- 
ment of playing together as well as 
learning how to play for an audience. 

Director Mark Leighton, Brandon Pillsbury (10) and Shawn Flint (09) concentrate 
on an intricate number at their December concert in the Colonel's Coffee House. 

(Right) Sarah 
Lockette (10) and 
Ian Maysmith 
(Graduate) share a 
stand of music to- 
gether during one 
of the ensemble's 
many numbers. 

(Above) Brandon Pillsbury ( 1 0), Ian Maysmith (Graduate), Direc- 
tor Mark Leighton, Sarah Lockette ( 1 0), and Shawn Flint (09) make 
up the guitar ensemble along with Zach Zotos, Jake Maysmith, 
Peter Mendola, Micha Horton and Noah Marston (not pictured). 


The Flute Ensemble offers an outlet for 
flute players to come together to express 
their talents and challenge one another 
musically. This past December, the en- 
semble gave Christmas performances on 
campus and at South Weymouth Church 
of the Nazarene as well as a recital in 
the Spring. Their aspiration as a group 
is to continue to practice challenging 
pieces and consistently improve their 
playing abilities. They would also like 
to see the group expand in number as 
well as talent and offer a greater num- 
ber of performances to the community. 

Ashley Cornell (10) focuses 
as she plays for the audience. 

Lauren Yerdon (10) plays for the audience 
gathered in the Colonel's Coffe House. 

Lauren Yerdon (10), Ashley Jardim (09), 
Director Barbarah Clement. Stephanie 
Pestilli (10), and Ashley Cornell (10). 

(Right) Stephanie Pestilli (10) and Ash- 
ley Jardim (09), share a music stand 
during their performance in the Col- 
onel's Coffee House in December. 


Social Lift at ENC 

Every semester at ENC, stu- 
dents are given the chance to par- 
ticipate in tons of social life events 
around campus. Whether you enjoy 
watching your friends or professors 
take part in game show events, such 
as Family Feud, or you like to show 
off your batting skills to the campus 
during recreational events like the 
Wiffleball Tournament, or you just 
want to dance to good music at an 
event like The Spot, ENC's Social 
Life Events have you covered. 

In this section, the events from 
the 2006-2007 school year will be 
revisited. From Flag Football to Lip 
Sync to Cinderella, we invite you to 
reminisce over the past school year. 
Relive Intramural championships, 
Battle of the Band experiences, Ja- 
son Tower's half court shot, and 
Nathaniel Sager's creepy Halloween 
costume. Enjoy! 


One of the most highly anticipated Recre- 
ational Life events of the year, Ninja Ball was 
put on by the Sophomore class (09) and proved 
to a favorite event of the fall semester. Luke 
Dodge, Pat Lane, Lindell Pascall, and Phil Nase, 
all members of the council, took on the duties of 
referees for the event. Some of them chose to 
double as players and take a shot at winning the 
grand prize themselves, but sadly were unable to 
take home victory. 

Ninja ball is a game that pits two teams with 
six players against each other. The rules were 
basically the same as dodgeball, except the main 
objective of the game was not to eliminate all 
the players on the opposing team (although this 
proves to 

be very helpful), but to knock- 
over a small cone placed behind 
the other team, while defending 
your own cone. 

Ninja Ball was an exciting and 
packed event, and it ended up 
lasting around three hours! 

(Above) Jesse Mix (08) is left 
to defend his goal against the 
opposing team. 


. - ' I 

On Halloween night, 
the SGA held mt 
Harvest Party in 
Sponge Parlor to give 
students a chance to 
dress up in their best 
costumes in a fun 
Participants enjoyed 
a night jilted with 
games , jree food, 
music, and 

(Above) Magon Parent (09) as a Catholic schoolgirl, 
Pablo Galvez (07) as a photographer, Angela Richardson 
(08) as Tigger, and Melissa Lowell as a librarian. 

(Above Left) Daniel Brooks (07) tries to dress as a "red- 
neck" but it's nothing short of his usually attire. 

(Left) Joshua Burley (09) makes his way over to the 
Harvest Party as a security guard, and stops to take a nap 
standing up. 

(Above) Timothy Troxler (07), Phil Nase (09), and Tennyson Doane (08) masquerade as 
professors from the Religion Department. 


(Above) Chris Barron (08) and Garrett Hanshew (08) take a break from their 
epic and bloody ninja battle to pose for a picture. 

(Above Left) Ezekiel Gillie (09) 
sports the "most normal costume 
in his wardrobe." 

(Above Right) Paul Aliotta (09) 
poses with his roomate Joshua 
Burley (09). 

(Left) Angela Richardson (08) 
dances to the music. 

(Above Left) Uttam 
Mogilicherla (10) does his best 
impression of Kevin G from 
"Mean Girls." 

(Above Right) Matt 
Kauffman (08) and Emily Dun- 
ham (08) rest during halftime. 

(Right) Luke Dodge (09) tries 
to out-bob Davey 
Edmonds (08) but ultimately 

■ft© ' 

(Above) We really have no idea what or who this is. 


(Above) Timothy 
Lafountain (09) and 
Matt Kaufman (08) 
try to pull off Shawn 
Bohannon's (08) flag. 

(Left) Jarrod 
Whedenroth (08) 
recovers a fumble. 



After a school year 
that sadly did not include 
Midnight Madness, ENC 
once again hosted Mid- 
night Madness in the 

Designed to get stu- 
dents better aquainted 
with the men's and wom- 
en's basketball teams, Mid- 
night Madness is a fun 
event filled with basket- 
ball-based games, food, 
and music, that help every- 
one get pumped up for the 
Crusaders' new basketball 

Students were wel- 
comed with free T-shirts 
and raffle tickets and were 
invited to eat popcorn and 
candy, drink soda, and 
enjoy the games. 

Ticket numbers were 
called out during the night 
to give students a chance 
to play various games for 

When they weren't 
watching or participating 
in games, they were being 
introduced to this year's 
basketball lineups, and 
watching the basketball 
players compete with each 
other in contests such as 
the slam dunk. 

The night ended with 
a half court shot, in which 
Jason Tower (08) made 
the climatic, scholarship 
winning shot after many 
participants were turned 
away after missing. 

(Above) Nicole Fatcheline (08), 
Melissa Lowell, and Faith Belyea 
(08) sell popcorn! 

(Right) Craig Dix (08) spins 
around before trying a lay-up. 



(Above )Magon Parent (09) pos- 
ing with Sophomore Prince, 
Joshua Burley 

(Right) Jordan Vance being 
crowned Homecoming King by 
alumnus Tim White, last year's 
Homecoming King. 


Junior Class Princes and Princess 

- Tennyson Doane, Brook Bartlett, and 

Eric Peterson. 


Sophomore Class Prince and Princess - 
Joshua Burley and Shawn Cola. 

vbove) The Homecoming Court after the ceremony. Justin 
offee and Melissa Leman; Jonathan Bernard and Imani Ben- 
min; Jordan Vance and Wenslynn Cordon; Jeffrey Hamilton 
id Maria Bardales; Pablo Galvez and Jennifer Westcott; Chris- 
pher Lee and Lillian Arteaga. 

Freshman Class Prince and Princess 
Broc Verschoor and Heather Pereira. 


Stiteet Jjain 

Fun for alumni, students , and families alike, 
the annual Homewming Street Fair features 
booths offered by elubs and organizations. In 
the end, there's music, food, and souvenirs for 




The WeCcome WeefL.. 

No one enjoys the encf oj 
summer, but tropical music, a 
Hawaiian feast, and an evening 
with friends fteCp ease the 
melancholy transition. 

(Above Left) Matthew Brown ( 1 0) per- 
forms a celebatory dance in honor of begin- 
ning his education at ENC. 


(Above ) Ezekiel Gillie (09) skips dinner in 
favor of an island-inspired dessert. 

Doobik Dome. 

Who doesn't love, to watch others be, forced to 
reach up a giant, goo-filled nose, or catch slime- 
filled balloons with a small cup attached to their 
head? The junior class' Double Dart was a suc- 
cessful event that invited you to do just that-- 
watch contestants get covered in slime). 

(Above Center) Jillian Barrett (09) 
and Jesse Mix (08) enjoy a smoothie 
and cuddle a pineapple, respectively. 

(Above) Freshmen Micah Horton 
and Fritz Mcintosh dispute whether 
Maui Wowi was worth such a long 
wait in line. 

(Left) "ENC 
Double Dare" 

(Left) Davey Ed- 
monds (08) tries 
to sell Magon 
Parent (09) some 
homemade gak! 

(Left) The contes- 
tants prepare for 
the final show- 
down, which 
included a large, 
snotty nose! 


The champions' tournament 

The wiffleball tournament was 
hosted by the junior class council 

during the fall semester; and it 
gave students a chance to engage 

in the only organized wiffle- 
ball tournament offered in recent 


(Left) Intensity swells 
as Amy Penrose (08) 
swings at the coming 

(Right) J.P. Marcellus 
(08) hits an infield single. 

Davey Edmonds 
(08) hits a long ball. 

Mike Desrochers 
(10) aims to bring 
Sarah Guest (08) 
home from second 

Liz Machado 
(08), a clutch hitter, 
prepares to tie up the 

(Above) Samuel Mohnkern (08) prepares 
to strike out. 


'Bank o(j 4t Hands 

Battle of the Bands was held 
during November and allowed six 
bands to face off in an epic battle 
to see who was the best band at 

The hosts, Trevor Oates (09) 
and Aaron Hagerman (10), provid- 
ed the audience with entertainment 
between the bands, whether by 
pranking each other, telling jokes, 
or having large crowd members try 
on children's tee shirts. 

As for the bands: they rocked 
faces off. From the schreeching 
guitars of Salem City Lights, to the 
folk rendition of "Hey Ya" by Matt 
Leblanc (08), Genevieve Rivera 
(07), and Sarah Troxler (09), the 
bands impressed the audience with 
non-stop fun and great music. 

(Above) Andrew Hill (09) sports a towel while rocking 
along with Jonathan Ardrey (09), Matt Small (07), and 
Phil Oliver (09), who covered music by Ben Folds. 

(Above) Phil Nolan (08), Nathaniel 
Sager (09), and Wassim Lebbos (08) 

rock out. 

(Right) Sarah Lockette (08) wows 
the crowd with her solo 
performance, which included some 
of her own pieces. 

Asp iratiorus 

(Left) Kyle Sousa (07) surprisingly 
wins Battle of the Bands for the 
third time in the last four years. 

(Below) Eric Peterson (08) tries on 
an extra small t-shirt for no reason 
at all but to win the love of the 

(Left) Trevor Oates (09) and 
Aaron Hagerman (10) stop in 
the middle of hosting to boost 
their egos. 

(Above) Salem City Lights per- 


"...a wonderful reminder that dreams do 
come true. Good does happen. Prayers art 
answered. PeopCe do fail in love" ~ director 
Leslie Woodies 

The Theater Departments Fait Musicat: 

Cinderella brought adventure, romance, 
and a miraculous kingdom to the Cove 
Stage. As the timeless fairy tale unfolded, a 
pumpkin turned into a golden coach, mice 
turned into horses, a dove became a foot- 
man, and a famously shabby maid saw her 
wildest dreams come true. 

A favorite fairy tale in almost every culture, 
the story of Cinderella received a breath of 
fresh air under the control of award-winning 
professional guest artists Leslie Woodies, 
director and choreographer, and Jose Del- 
gado, music director. 






(Left) Lindell Pascall (09) and 
Stephanie Polivka ( 1 0) as Prince 
Charming and Cinderella. 

(Below) Bryan Killen (08) forgets 
to put on a pair of pants. Luckily, 
it's part of the script. 

(Above) Hannah Ford (09) lights 
up the stage with her cruel rendi- 
tion of Cinderella's wicked step- 

(Left) Kerri Mills (08), Stephanie 
Polivka (10), and Jennifer Wilder- 
man (10) fight just like sisters. 




(Above) The new SGA Executive Council shows their crusader pride. 

(Above) Social life director Sarah Guest (08) and admin, assistant Allison 
Cheny (08) celebrate the election by visiting Wrigley Field. 

(Right) SGA president Emily Dunham (08) poses with next year's elect Jon 
Ardrey (09). 


(Above Left) Rec Life 
Director Luke Dodge 
(09) races Publicity Di- 
rector Ashley Richards 
(09) and wins, mostly 
due to her poor driving 

(Above Right) SMC Phil 
Nase (09) and Finance 
Director Pat Lane (f)9) 
enjoy some wings. 

(Left) Social Life Direc 
tor Sarah Guest (08) 
poses with... some sort 
of award... or something. 
We really don't undjer- 
stand it either. 



During Spring semester 
of 2007 Marvelyn Mc- 
Farlane (07), Lori Soares 
(08), and Dana Haun (07) 
lead a talented cast of ac- 
tors in ENC's performance 
of The Miracle Worker, 
which quite possibly could 
have been ENC's best 
stage production in recent 

Also in the play were 
alum Dan Messier, Pres- 
ton Graveline (09), Paul 
Sapp (09), and Sarah 
Good (09), along with 
some very impressive ac- 
tors and actresses from off 

The Miracle Worker is 
the story of Hellen Keller's 
childhood and her struggle 
to learn to communicate 
with her loved ones after 
tragically becoming deaf 
and blind from an illness. 

(Far Above) The stars of the cast pose before the big 
performance. Left to Right: Marvelyn McFarlane 
(07), Lori Soares (08) , and Dana Haun (07). 

(Above) Helen begins to understand sign language. 





(Above) Marvelyn McFarlane (07) struggles to keep Lori Soares (08) from running away while try- 
ing to teach her sign language. 

(Below) Melody Anderson (07) prepares Paul Sapp's (09) age make-up before the show. 

As rirations 

As competitve as any of the varisiy seasons, J-Term 
basketball brightens up the dismal winter -period and 
always attracts an enthusiastic crowd. 


lot Skating 

Early in the Spring Semester, the Senior Class 
Council sponsored an incredibly fun event that 
brought lots of people together-- and down togeth- 
er as well. Students were given the chance to go ice 
skating at the local skating rink, and it resulted in 
tons of fun with some slips and falls mixed in. The 
reason for all the falls was the large amount of ENC 
students from south of the Mason-Dixon line in at- 
tendance. Justin Coffee, Samuel Mohnkern, Daniel 
Brooks, and Davey Edmonds were just a handful of 
the southerners slipping, sliding, and embarrassing 
themselves along the ice. In all honesty though, they 
really weren't that bad! 



(Above) Justin Coffee (07) tries to push Dan 
Brooks (07) over. 

(Right) Stacy Myers (07)grabs Mike Cascio (08) as 
he pretends to slip. 


Heather Pereira (10) and Matt "Bosa" Baluch (08) try not to fall. 

(Left) Megan Parks (07), Matt 
Gavel, Stacy Myers (07), Mike 
Cascio (08), Jennifer Wescott 
(07), and Joshua Daniels (09) 
pose on the ice. 

(Below) Kurtis Biggs ( 1 0) and 
Sam Mohnkern (08) enjoy their 

(Below) Jesse Collins (09) man- 
ages to smile and skate at the 
same time! 


t Spot 

With food, -poetry readings, and the vi- 
sual arts, The Spot celebrates the various 
talents of students on campus in a setting 
designed to worship our Creator. Styled 
after a true coffeehouse 
atmosphere. The Spot 
includes music of all 
types and occurs at dif- 
ferent locations across 
campus one Saturday a 

"We need to cre- 
ate a face for 
ENC in our 
- director 



Jh> Otkx Shim 

The Other Shore, by the first Chinese 
Nobel Laureate for Literature Gao 
Zingjian, is an intercultural play mixing 
elements of western theatre of the ab- 
surd with Chinese theatrical traditions. 
This production included movement, 
dance, and costuming with an Asian 
influence. It depicted a man's journey 
crossing the river of life in search of en- 
lightenment. Along the way he encoun- 
tered real and imagined characters, 
never knowing what he may actually 
find on "the other shore." His journey, 
told through a series of stories, explored 
the nature of human society and the 
constantly shifting relationship between 
leaders and followers. Other important 
themes included individualism, confor- 
mity, suffering and freedom. 

_ at 



During the Spring '07 semester, stu- 
dents were given the chance to put to- 
gether small soccer teams to compete in 
annual indoor soccer. Indoor soccer drew 
large crowds to watch the teams play each 
other during the week. 

Surprisingly, the winning team (pictured 
right), along with many other teams com- 
peting, was not full of the usual varsity 
soccer players. Indoor soccer was able to 
draw players that were biology, physics, 
math, music, and history majors by day, 
and fierce soccer players by night. Who 


Eostex £gg <fcfont!!! 

ENC's annual Easter Egg 
Hunt came again this year with 
more fun, more people, and more 
prizes. Students 
were engaged in 
a campus wide 
search for Easter 
eggs hidden liter- 
ally everywhere. 

some were filled 
with candies, oth- 
ers had numbers 
written in them 
that correspond- 
ed with many 
different prizes. 
Among the prizes were a television, 
an Ipod Shuffle, Dunkin Donuts 

(Above) Magon Parent (09) 
searches beneath some bushes and 
finds an egg! 

(Right) Marilena Argueta (08) 
finds a chocolatey prize in her Eas- 
ter egg-- but no television. 


gift cards, and a large selection 
of movies. 
All of the expensive prizes 
were won fairly 
quickly, but many 
DVDs and some 
gift cards were 
never claimed. 
Maybe students 
were too preoc- 
cupied with the 
awesome candy to 
think about pick- 
ing up their prizes. 
Next ENC event: 
The Annual After 
Easter Egg Hunt 
Dentist Visit! 

(Left) Luc Jasmin (08) robs Micah Horton 
( 1 0) of his bag of Easter eggs. 

(Below) Ben Bowman (10) poses with 
Steve Bracale (09) and Micah Horton (10) 
while showing off their prize: Never Been 
Kissed with Drew Barrymore. 

(Left) Magon Parent (09), Jenn 
Harris (09), and Marilena Argueta 
(08) show their dissapointment af- 
ter finding out that they didn't win 
any prizes. 

(Above) Prizeless, abandoned eggs 
lie empty upon the table, never to 
be filled with candy again.... Until 
next year. 



Sp/iing ^filing 

Rain could not stop 200 7's Spring Fling event, 
which went on as scheduled in the Lahue Gym. 
The day was fitted with gritted food, fun prizes, 
loud music, an aired Red Sox game, and, of course, 
many awesome inflatable games. 

Whether people were racing through the obstacle 
course, flaying human foostball, dodgtball, or 
racing on the bungee run, they were all having 
fun. From the laughter of a young child bouncing 
around on the inflatable toys, to the shine reflected 
off Robert Benjamin's head- tr, smile- it was ap- 
parent that people of all ages were enjoying them- 


(Left) Andy Dumas (09) gets in a 
quick hit to Phil Nase's (09) stom- 
ach, but still manages to lose every 

(Below) Fritz Mcintosh (10) man- 
ages to maintain balance while 
running, despite his bungee cord. 

eft) Erik Larsen surrenders to his opponent, 
bove) The human fooseball match. 

(Above) These two rock climb- 
ers obviously are not afraid of 



(Left) Newly crowned Mr. EN 
2007 David Chrisos (0' 

(Below) J. P. Marcellus plays th 
only song he ever plays in talei 
shows: 1 000 Miles by Vanessa Ca 
leton. Except, this time he does 

in a dvQi 

(Above) Josh Burley (09) channels Bob Dylan for the talent seg- 
ment, while (Right) Jon Arderey demonstrates his self-taught ac- 
cordion skills. 


J. P. Marcellus (08) 
swaggers across the 

Jeremy Tarbox ( 1 0) 2006 Mr. ENC and Ed Kish (09) proves 
shows off his swim- host LC Jasmin (08) how much time he 
wear mugs for the camera spends in the gym 


Sponsored by the sophomore, 
dassj Old PeopCe Bingo Night 
featured costumes, prizes , and 



(Below) Paul Aliotta (09) 
and Patrick Lane (09) display 
their skills and their senses of 

\ « 

(Above) Luke Dodge (09) and Jonathan Ar- 
drey (09) are prepared in case the roof starts 
to leak. 


Juhioji/ Senio/i 

May 4, 2007 

After a school year full of money making schemes, the ju- 
nior class raised enough to put on the Junior/Senior Banquet at 
the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge. Designed to be a fun 
way to honor the graduating senior class, the event was hosted 
by the often hilarious Vern Wesley and Jamaica Love. Students 
enjoyed amazing food, a beautiful and wonderfully decorated 
ballroom, and non-stop karaoke fun! 

Angela Richardson (08) walked away with $ 1 00 cash after be- 
ing named the winner of the karaoke contest. She narrowly beat 
the very romantic love song duet, I've Got You Babe, performed 
by Vern Wesley and Dr. Tim Wooster. 

Senior superlative winners were then announced and awards 
were given out to the winners. The night ended with a moving 
slide show tribute to the senior class made by Pablo Galvez 
(07). It included pictures and short videos such as "Corbin's 
Confessions," where senior Joshua Corbin declared his love for 


Dorm Life at ENC 




VJI1 \ 



- i jo- 


" ENC seeks to create and maintain an environment which 
] awakens and fosters truth, righteousness, justice, and holiness i 
I made possibCe by God's transforming grace through Jesus Chris 

~ Mi5sion Statment 

To be. an 8 jlfO staobrt... 

Life On Campus 



J-TeM Thaod Cou/ise,: 

Hawaii &C New Zealand 



Stay in ToucH 







Lilian Artega 

Maria Bardales*** 
Daniel Brooks**** 
Daniel Bugglin*** 
Claudia Cabrera** 
Wendy Catarino* 

Joshua Corbin 

Wmslynn Cordon 

Ras hindxi Demel* 
Wdson Dolne**** 

Jessica ley 

Lauren Gagnon*** 
Jeffrey Hamilton* 

PrajwaC Karmacharya* 

Elizabeth Kemmerer* 






Melissa Lemon 

Kelly Madiera 

Amy Moser 

Scott Markarian 

Stacy Myers 

Artwo Ortega 

Lindsey Vellttxer* 

Jennie Pietra. 

Lj\-leer\- H^rxce* *******************, 


* * * * * 

* * * * * 





* * * * * 



* * * * * 










* * * * * 

** valley lily 826 84@yahoo*com 

6m6tweetyl @ hotmaiL com 

restforyoursouls@gmail* com 


tim_6 lesd7 7@yahoo* com 

cadreno @ hotmad* com 

*joshC7@gmail* com 



*jwdson_28 @yahoo* com 




******* r)rajwai_homosa^km@hoimaii com 

lskFrog(a)aol* com 



amy*] * moser@gmail* com 


sCee040 80 l@yahoo*com 









Mary Restrict 

Brenda Rivera 

Ashley Staples 

AjnOXxda Top 

Lissa Tovar 

Ashley Turner 

Justine Twofoot. 

Rachel Webber 

Rebecca Welch 

Sarah Wineland. likethe_stars@hotmail. com 

Andrea White 

Meghan Woodard. 

Christopher Young 

]onathan Youngman 

"For you know the plans I have for you, " declares the 
\Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to 
give you hope and a future. " 
Jeremiah 29:11 


We are so proud of all you have 
accomplished and who you have become. 
To God be the glory! 

Love, Mom & Dad 


No parents could be prouder! 
You have grown-up to be a fine young woman. 

We love you! 
Dad & Kathy 

Jer. 29:11 ^Sfiji^LowS 

DanieCJ. BtiggCin 

"^}ok I h.ow \h pftans I Rate (yo/i you," cktoies tRe, Loud, 
"pdans to p/LospeA you and not to Rom you, p6ans to gilte you dope and a (jutu/te." 

JexemiaR. 29:11 

Dear Dan, 

We are so proud of you. You have worked hard and have honored God in all that you do. 
From the day you were born, we have spoken the scriptures in the Book of Daniel over you, 
and in our prayers for you. God has blessed you abundantly with "knowledge and skill in all 
learning and wisdom. .." Use His gifts wisely in the special plans He has for you. 

We love you very much, 
Mom and Dad 


<By (jO<£. . .you did it, you did it 

we (qiewyou coufd 

^you Jesus !! 

'Eye hat ft not seen, nor car heard, 
neither have entered into the heart 
of man, the things which C,od hath 
prepared for them that foiv Him. 
I Corinthians 2:9 

We Cove you! 04om and (Dad 

Congratufations to our beautifui, gifted daughter 
- you are indeed one of "Gods own masterpieces, His 'poiema,' 
recreated in Christ Jesus to do that marveious work which God 
beforehand has pianned out for you" (Epfi. 2:10). You have givenl 
us so much joy and we are proud of you. We iook so forward to 
the days ahead as the artist within you continues to biossom and\ 
wonderfuliy touch the fives of many, iove always, Mom <St Dadl 

PS 37:3, 4, 5 

Congratulations Phiil 

We Cove you and are very rnoud of youl 

Gong/LQiab-tions GaM. 

We are so proud of you and 
love you so much! Lovette, 
give thanks to the Lord for 
He is Good! His faithful love 
endures Forever. 
Psalm 107:1 

Love, Mamma, Ricky, Joshua, 
Andrew, Andrea and Drew 

Jessica Lynn Fey ! 

od 6iott$4f tftoc to 

dU& ?#Ml<utt day, i 

<tnc to puuid o£ tfr&u- 
And yotvi dUi^tnt won&, 
1H&f t&e JL&td continue 
t& Ht&4, you a4a4tU4intfy 
*4 if on frUtouL p&ijeU 
&t££* /#W^* wnemie* 
tyon% PtomUe *frei4&i in 


As I began to think about your graduation, my mind was flooded with so many memories. Like any Mom, 
I started to look through my pictures of your life. My heart was full of love as I remembered watching you 
grow into the person you are now. It was fun to remember your sporting accomplishments like your soccer 
championship when you were only six, and then your baseball championship - you were so proud of that 
jacket; and then came your favorite - track. I think my favorite pictures are the ones of your scouting days. 
You loved to be outdoors and that still carries through today. To go from Webelo Scout to Eagle Scout is 
some accomplishment! Those years taught you so much and helped you grow. When I think back I am 
thankful how God put the right people in your life to teach you - from your coaches to your scoutmasters. 

From the moment you were born your gentle spirit was evident. Then as you grew, your strength and 
leadership qualities also became evident. They were not only recognized by me, but by your teachers, 
coaches, scout leaders, Sunday school teachers and pastors and even your peers. You have overcome many 
obstacles to reach this point in time. The one thing that comforts me is knowing that you came to know the 
Lord early in your life. As long as your personal relationship with God remains the most important thing to 
you, I know you will be alright. I will continue to pray, as I always have, that you continually seek God's will 
for your life. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you. 

Remember, the answer to any question, or the guidance to any decision in your life, can be found in one 
place - the Word of God. 

Congratulations on your graduation! I love you and am very proud of you! 
- Mom 

Deuteronomy 11:19 
Psalm 143:10 
Philippians 4:8 
Hebrews 10:36 
Proverbs 16:9 


We wish you health, happiness, 
love, and success - always! 

We love you, 
Dad, Mom & Steven 

Phil. 4:13 - 
'I can do off things 
trough Christ who 
strengthens me" 

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their 
strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they 
shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not 

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) 

Michael we Cove yon and art 
very iproud of you. 

Montj Dad, andAngda 

Phil. 4:13 has been your life verse since Feb. 2002. You 
have accomplished every goal you have set. We are so very 
thankful for you, our miracle boy. And we couidnt be more 
proud of you, your testimony, your unwavering faith, work 
ethic, and determination. You are a blessing to us and to so 
many others. Stay the course (2 Tim. 4:7). 

God bless you and Meg always. 

We Cove youl 
Mom, Dad, and Jo 



God "SHess Owl Tkoop. 

"The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know ike word that sustains thi 
weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being tough 
Because the Sovereign Lord helrjs me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore have 1 set my fac 
like flint, and I know 1 will not be put to shame." ~ Isaiah 50:4, 7 

The Eastern Nazarene College community honors our veterans as they remain in our 

thoughts and prayers.